5 tips to achieve a restful sleep

More than 4 million adults suffer from chronic insomnia and about 35% of the adult population suffers from this transitory sleep disorder, according to data from the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN). The lack of intense sleep can turn our lives into a vicious circle that drastically reduces our quality of life.

Betting on regular schedules and avoid copious meals in the hours before the break is very convenient when it comes to maintaining good sleep hygiene, as pointed out by the Spanish Sleep Society. The light dinners favor the process of digestion and relaxation of our body facilitating a restful sleep without early awakenings or inability to initiate or maintain sleep.

5 tips to achieve a restful sleep

But rest properly not only depends on this, in fact, there are many more factors that will help us achieve a restful sleep.

1. Practice exercise. The moderate aerobic exercise is the one that provides the greatest benefits. A system that allows us to free ourselves from stress and daily worries. Therefore, it is essential that we perform some activity with which we feel comfortable and full as walking, riding a bicycle, dancing ...

2. Have a good rest area. Our place of rest must be an oasis of peace that allows us a total disconnection. We have to avoid mobile, portable external stimuli and any electronic device to avoid technological insomnia.

3. Schedules and routine. Our body needs a set schedule and try to go to bed at the same time, as much as possible. This will make it easier for the organism to enter a state of ideal relaxation to sleep and wake up comforted.

4. Tranquility Conflicts are not good in, but less so in our life, but even less so in order to sleep. Avoid conflicts and bad thoughts before going to sleep, do not think of anything negative and take a break during that moment.

5. Avoid reading and watching television. The place of rest should only be associated with sleep, so we should try to perform other types of activities at another time and place.

Thus, during the holiday periods in which we frequently alter our vital routines, modifying sleep schedules, exercising less frequently and eating large amounts of food at dinners and meals outside the home, such as during busy times or examinations in which stress plays against us, we must pay special attention to these habits to reconcile and improve our sleep.

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