Guidelines to avoid divorce after the holidays

We all know the data: after the summer the number of couples who divorce increases. In fact, according to statistics, 28 percent of divorce suits are filed in court in September. However, solutions to avoid divorce after the holidays there are several, especially, do our part to strengthen the relationship.

Why is the couple destabilized during the holidays?

Most couples spend the year on automatic pilot, charged with imposed or self-imposed obligations and sharing little time with their other half.
They project in the summer all their desires and illusions, thinking that everything will be perfect and they will return from the holidays more in love than ever ... But the disappointment begins when they go on vacation and everything remains the same. As Roser de Tienda warns, family coach, "that's normal: we're the same people as always, but somewhere else."

The disappointment brings us a string of side effects that in winter it is possible to mask with lack of time and fatigue. The lack of communication is diluted between the "I'm tired" at night and the "I got up early because I could not sleep" in the morning. But in summer, with all the hours ahead, it is impossible to hide the lack of enthusiasm, communication, desire or love.

Couples that work

For Roser, the basis of any couple that works is that both are happy making the other person happy, there is a great deal of mutual admiration and there is still attraction.

"The two of you should look for the happiness of those who are at your side and be proud of each other's achievements in all areas of life, and we like to know that the person next to us values ​​us and recognizes our worth. he is balder and his abs are hidden under his belly, although the pregnancies have returned to your most round woman, when you look around, although there are younger or more beautiful people, for you there is no one who is better. he still likes the same or more than the first day, "says Roser de Tienda.

Guidelines to avoid divorce after the holidays

Therefore, if we want to prevent our relationship from deteriorating and approaching a breakup, we can follow some of these guidelines to avoid divorce after the holidays:

1. Do things together that are not the usual ones, that require the involvement of the two, encourage healthy competition and make it fun, even if you do not fancy a lot. "It's fun to play together and join more, it can be a good time to remember, for example: board games, playing movies, kayaking, scuba diving, playing mini golf, tennis, going for a bicycle ride , rent a jet ski, they are things that we do not do regularly and they will be fun if we do them as a couple ", the expert points out.

2. Make lists of things we would like to do when we return from vacation, of what we would like to change, or of plans we want to make during the winter.

3. Make plans and propose actions, that are easy to obtain, will give us the illusion to face the return to routine, "says Roser.

4. Find those moments of intimacy, where you can talk openly, be sincere or talk about the future. This practice will give us an idea of ​​how close or far we are from each other, in case we have to straighten the path our relationship has taken.

"In any case, it takes love for a couple to stay in time, so if there is everything can be improved, if there is no love between the couple, if the arguments erupt every two or three, if the sex no longer works , the best thing is that in September you look for a marriage therapist who can help you find you ... Sometimes people enter a loop and we do not know where to go and a good couple psychologist can be a good start to avoid a bad end " , says Roser de Tienda.

Store Roser. Coach specialized in family, health, natural birth, breastfeeding, and maternal coaching.

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