Approved by the hair? Keys to improve school performance next year

We all want our children to become mature people, capable of making decisions and face their consequences, in short responsible adults and happy. What doubt is there that the schooling of our children is a non-negligible ingredient for such an ambitious project.

Educate holistically

The role of the family is decisive in the development of the personality of each child, also in the academic success. If we are very concerned about your school performance, the first thing we have to be clear about is that It is not the most important, although it seems a contradiction.

Just as when we exercise only one part of our body, the rest atrophy, we can not load the inks only in a facet of life of our son, in this case, the studies.

We have to stop and think about how we are educating him in other facets of his personality, not only in studies. So, to educate in an integral way we also worry and take care of other aspects, because in matters of training and education, everything is related, some things influence others. These are those other aspects that we must not forget.

1. Education in values. Responsibility in orders of the house and outside it. If they have habits of collaborating at home they will gain in social skills, they will be more workers, in solidarity, effective, and as a consequence they will have a higher self-esteem when they see themselves as decisive, something that will help them in their studies.

2. Self-esteem and good attachment between parents and children. Rather than criticizing or punishing them for the unfulfilled objectives on studies and other facets, we must encourage and motivate for the objectives achieved.

3. Social activities. Free time is important. Managing your time is vital. It is normal that our children only look for fun, they are in the age. Hence, how important it is teach them how to have fun, knowing how to enjoy our free time is a virtue.

4. Friendships. Friends now come first, before family and studies, spend the day with them and stay at home by phone, mobile, chats. His social life focuses almost exclusively on the school. It is very common to see that great guys fall in their grades by frequenting "dangerous friendships". Parents can not choose the friends of our children, but the environment where friendships are forged: the type of school and the training that is given, the sports team, the extracurricular classes. According to their friends, this is how our children and their studies will be.

5. Habits and study techniques. Yes, one of those integral aspects of which we speak has to do also with the study and, of course, with the related habits that they have learned since they were little.

The importance of educating in values

When parents come to me worried about the bad results of their children, I usually ask them, among other things, what orders they have inside the house, if they go out with friends, what are these friends like, what television programs they watch and how long, if they pass. long time in front of the computer.

Normally they look at me with distrust thinking "this good woman has not heard that my daughter has been left until recess", as they wait for some "study techniques" to help her memorize.

If we educate our children within values, we are putting the foundations to build a balanced, generous personality, with spirit of overcoming, which values ​​work as a means of personal growth and improvement of society. And as a result, we will be providing you with the tools to study and learn better, which will be reflected in getting good grades.

Do you have difficulties?

Sometimes the reason why the child does not get good grades is not because he does not try or do not want to study, but because he has certain difficulties that delay his learning. Lucía Alvarez Blanco, graduated in Pedagogy from the University of Oviedo and III Young Family Research Award from the Acción Familiar Foundation, analyzes in her study some real difficulties that may lead to school failure associated with the learning process:

to) Deficits in vision, hearing or in cognitive functioning.

b) Learning difficulties, (dyscalculia, dyslexia, etc.) Behavioral alterations and / or difficulties of social adaptation.

c) Disorders associated with the perception, attention and memorization of information.

Identifying these difficulties will help us remedy them going to the necessary experts. Thus, we can anticipate the problem or, at least, prevent it from becoming greater. Give our children the personalized attention that they require (if they need it) will help them to feel more secure and this, together with the aforementioned aspects, will make the children face life with the tools they need to overcome obstacles successfully.

Susana Moreu.Communication director of INEFA in Granada. Institute for Family Studies

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