Back to school: how to prepare children?

Although it may not seem like it, summer has the days counted. In little more than a month, the smallest of the house they will go back to school putting an end to a vacation in which they sure have had a lot of fun. And as everything good gets used to a fast one, surely the fact of going back to early and having to spend time in the afternoons to homework becomes little less than an uphill for school children.

Besides, the back to school It supposes to have prepared many things, from books to uniforms in certain centers. Therefore, so that the bull does not take us and children do not have to adapt to the new school routine, it is a good idea to prepare all these points so that with all this planing enough time ahead come out perfect.

Tips to prepare children for the return to school

Perhaps the most difficult thing about going back to school is that children have to get used to a routine with specific times. During the summer the most normal thing is that they do not have time to get up and that their afternoons are completely free, so having to get back up early and dedicate time to homework becomes a real nuisance. Here are some tips that these issues and many others related to the return to school do not become so hard for the little ones.

1.  Prepare the material. A good way to remember how close the school is to the school is to prepare the school material that will be needed. Reviewing what was left over from the previous course and making a list of what is missing is a good first step so that when the time comes, there is not a single detail missing. When before the preparations begin, less last minute nerves.

2.  Review the lessons learned from the last year. It is not about examining children, but about trying to remember some of the contents that they gave at school to go into the subject. This also serves as a review to start greasing the child's mind and do not forget what you have already learned.

3.  Encourage them. The change of course involves new challenges, it is important to motivate the child so that when he arrives he does not encounter more difficult contents. A good way is to mark challenges and warn them that although the school is going to put something uphill, assure them that they are capable of everything.

4.  Introduce the schedules gradually. A whole course of study deserves a break and forget about getting up early. Unfortunately, going back to school means opening the eyes with the alarm clock every morning. In order not to make a sudden change and move from getting up late to an early morning, it is good that as the school returns to school, the youngest ones begin to wake up at earlier hours. In the same way it is also advisable to send them to bed at earlier hours.

5.  Change the routines of the afternoons: The most normal thing is that in the summer the evenings are dedicated more to fun and less to academic tasks. It is advisable to separate the children little by little from the videogame consoles and other leisure activities to introduce them back to the world of homework. In this way, as with the early mornings, the change will not be so sudden. A good idea is to organize an Olympics where the math and other subjects are the tests to be overcome.

6.  Choose a good backpack. The child's backpack is essential as it will be an instrument that will be worn daily. In these cases the best is useful ahead of beautiful things. Better always a backpack with handles that do not hurt the shoulders and back that products with precious designs that can cause damage.

7.  Lead by example. Also, we seniors go on vacation and going back to work becomes very hard. For this reason it is convenient to teach the youngest ones preparing what is needed for the return to the office or where they work and to demonstrate tranquility in this aspect.

Damián Montero


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