Tips for your children to make good use of video games

Nowadays new technologies have grown in all aspects. Of course the video consoles and the video game they have not been left behind and this form of virtual leisure nowadays has established itself as one of the most extended ways to have fun both in minors and in adults. Undoubtedly, there are multiple benefits for children that use them, such as the increase of dexterity and mental agility, as well as the promotion of the imagination and even the ability to reason.

However, the video game They can also turn into something with negative effects on children if a series of guidelines are not taken into account before buying them and when using them at home. As in everything you have to do a responsible use This way of virtual entertainment so that it does not become a problem and a source of fun for the whole family

Tips for responsible use of video games

Today it is almost impossible that video games are not present in homes in some form or another. Either through Smartphones or in the video game consoles nobody escapes from them. For this reason we must take into account a series of tips for everyone at home to make proper use of these products, especially children who represent the majority group in this form of digital leisure.

-  Learn about the content of video games. Before buying a videogame, make sure it is recommended for the age of your children and that its content is suitable for them.

-  Videogames that transmit good values. There are video games that offer too violent content, which is why it is preferable to choose titles that really contribute something to the little ones and not those based on cruelty, discrimination or sexism.

-  Better video games in company. Video games can sometimes cause the little ones to isolate themselves in these digital worlds. For this reason, it is best to buy titles that require the presence of more than one player, so that when these products are used, they are made in company and family ties are encouraged.

-  Limit the time of use. Abusing something is never good and it is not difficult to waste hours and hours on something that is as fun as a video game. Therefore, it is necessary to set an appropriate schedule of use that should never exceed 60 minutes a day.

-  Reflect on the content. The experience of video games should not remain in the machine. After each game you can talk about the game and what it has meant for the child, a kind of debate that helps clarify possible doubts and encourages dialogue between the family.

Video games in family

Keeping these tips in mind, video games can be a good way to share a good time with family. Here is a list of titles that everyone at home can enjoy in a joint game where the laughs are assured:

1. Minecraft. A simple video game that offers players the possibility to immerse themselves in a universe where the user must build everything, from a house to a city. Of course, this title also poses the challenge of collecting everything necessary to survive, from wood to build a home to food to feed the avatar of the player. The whole family can participate in the uprising of this city.

2. The Sims. In this videogame players face a challenge: life, because in this title the mission is simple: keep a home. Once created a character in the image and likeness of the player, you have to get going and find a house, get a job, interact with other characters and meet the needs of every human. A good option to inculcate responsibility to children and have fun watching a virtual version of our own family.

3. Wii Sports. This videogame offers families the possibility of competing with each other in various sporting modalities while they really move. From a tennis match, to a bowling match or a golf tournament. Choose the sport that you like most in the family and enjoy together in a fun competition to discover who is the champion of the house.

4. Sing Star. With this videogame, families will share a good moment where they sing songs from all eras. A fun competition in this virtual karaoke that will serve to discover the artistic side of the family.

5. The book of spells. Fosters the imagination of children with this title whose motto is 'You must see it to believe it'. Magic is the predominant note in this game where children will feel like Merlin himself and will learn the many spells of this video game full of fantasy.

Damián Montero

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