10 keys for children to exercise

The doctors say it. The teachers repeat it. To practiceexercise physical is paramount since childhood. It's not just about keeping a good figure and looking good in front of the mirror, sport has multiple benefits for emotional and mental health as well. And in addition, it prevents diseases such as obesity, helps children learn to work as a team, gives self-esteem to children ... They are all benefits!

The dangers of physical inactivity

But not only that. The lack of exercise "It poses a significant risk to the physical and mental health of any person." This is alerted by the physical activity group of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, AEP, which insists that the regular practice of any physical activity in children and adolescents "helps in the prevention and treatment of obesity, heart disease, psychological disorders, diseases of the bones and some cancers. "

Playing sports allows children to develop from a global form, because not only is it a source of physical health, but the exercise improves the integration of children with their peer group and the environment. Sport promotes positive values ​​such as companionship and makes children acquire healthy lifestyles (eat well to have energy to play sports and have a great time, for example).

For all this, and because those who perform exercise live longer and better, pediatricians have developed this council decalogue to encourage physical activity in the smallest of the house. Here we reproduce it.

Decalogue for children to practice sports

It is recommended to perform moderate or vigorous physical activity for a minimum of 60 minutes a day, can be divided into two or more sessions, mostly aerobic and interspersing vigorous activities for muscle and bone strengthening 3 times per week. Physical activity for more than 60 minutes provides additional health benefits.

1. No sedentary lifestyle. Any type of daily activity is better than the sedentary option. Walk, use the bicycle and climb the stairs. Ensures study and learning time. Limit the time in front of the television and other electronic devices.

2. Fun and game. Group, fun and outdoor activities are preferable.
Security. The physical environment must be adequate and without dangers. Pay attention to the safety rules for practicing sports.

3. Adapted to health conditions. Physical activity adapted to each health situation improves globally the health status and evolution of children with chronic disease and disability.

4. Question of habits. The practice of physical exercise should be a healthy habit from childhood. Habits are easily maintained over time and missed when they are missing.

5. Priority activity. Incorporate physical exercise between your child's daily activities. Take advantage of extracurricular activities and invest in your health.

6. Incorporates sport into the family routine. Give example Do physical exercise and plan family activities if you want your child to be active.

7. Hydration. It ensures the supply of liquids, especially when the activity is intense and the environment is hot.

8. Help maintain a varied and balanced diet. Fundamental pillar for health along with physical activity.

9. Improve discipline. The benefits of sport require continuity and maintaining the habit regularly helps children educate their own discipline.

10. Increase strength and energy. Sports practice also develops muscle strength, endurance and contributes to having more energy to perform any activity. All this increases the children's self-esteem and self-confidence.

None of the recommendations they are difficult to follow. It is only necessary to become aware of the importance of a healthy life and integrate these small keys into the daily life of the family. Surely everyone appreciates it and you feel much better with yourselves.

Damián Montero

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