Bike rides: safety keys

Exercising is something important in a healthy lifestyle and walks in bike They are a good option, more if done as a family. However, the bike does not stop being a vehicle that circulates in an urban area, so you have to take into account a series of road safety rules to avoid accidents and do not disturb pedestrians or cars.

That is why the Spanish Pediatric Association, AEP, reminds users of bikes that circulate taking into account safety guidelines that make these routes have no risk. Even more so now in summer, a time when children's vacations make families leave to enjoy this two-wheeled vehicle.

Bicycle safety for the whole family

The bicycle is no longer used only by athletes or at certain times when people want to give a ride on two wheels. More and more people turn to this vehicle to go to work or simply to move around the city instead of taking the car. If you are one of these people or simply use the bike with your family to practice a physical activity, take care of these tips so that your routes are totally safe:

How to educate in the prevention of accidents by thisfamilywelove

-  Always wear the helmet. Whenever this two-wheeled transport is used, the helmet must never be missing so that in case of fall or collision with another vehicle, our head is protected from these damages.

-  Forbidden headphones. When we get on a bicycle we must put all five senses on the road like any other vehicle driver. In this way we can not do without even hate, in this way the headphones to listen to music or answer a call are forbidden. If you have to use your mobile, it is best to stop the march.

-  In single file. If the use of a bicycle is done in a group, it is advisable to go in single file to facilitate overtaking of other cyclists or cars. In case there are children in this squad, there must always be an adult at each end of the line.

-  Bike lane or driveway. Whenever there is the possibility of traveling in the bike lane, this must be our decision. However there are certain areas in which this is finished, so you have to move on the road like any other vehicle. The sidewalk is for pedestrians.

-  Respect traffic signals. Remember that you are going over a vehicle and that as such the traffic regulations also affect you. This way if you ever find a traffic signal as a yield, remember that you as a cyclist also forces you.

-  try to see. It is always advisable to carry front and rear lights on the bike. In the same way, wearing a reflective vest will help other drivers to see you and avoid accidents.

-  Sign maneuvers. In the same way that a car indicates its intentions with the indicator, on the bike there is a code to indicate to other drivers our next movements. It is essential to learn this "language" to communicate with the rest.

-  Keep the bike to the point. Caring for the needs of this vehicle is essential because in this way we will ensure that we will always drive with a bicycle in perfect condition that poses no danger.

The helmet on a bicycle

Of all the safety regulations, perhaps the hull is one of those more attention requires since on the one hand it is not taken into account by many cyclists, who see in this product something that is only necessary for motorcycles. On the other hand, many people they do not invest too much in the hull and buy products that may present tares and therefore be dangerous to our integrity.

In this sense the helmet must always be homologated by competent bodies. The standard requirements indicate that the helmet must be durable, light weight, well ventilated, easy to remove and put, it must also allow its use with glasses and not interfere with the ability to hear traffic noise.

The helmet must be in perfect state and in case of suffering a blow, being damaged by the passage of time or if it has become too small, a new one must be bought. In the same way it is advisable that although a priori it may seem to be in perfect condition, change at least every five years or past the time stipulated by the manufacturer.

The helmets have different sizes according to the manufacturer. That is why we always have to buy the one that matches the size of our head. You never have to buy those that bring additional pads or a ring so they fit well in anyone. In the same way they should be perfectly placed and fit comfortably and firmly over the top of the head, covering the upper part of the forehead.

Likewise the side and chin straps have to be properly adjusted so that they are tight and comfortable. The helmet must not be able to move from side to side or from front to back.

Damián Montero

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