New technologies, good partners to plan a trip

Many families take advantage of the arrival of vacations to make travels. Preparing a family trip is quite complicated as it involves agreeing many aspects ranging from the choice of hotel to deciding what the means of transport will be. However, new technologies can help make this planning more bearable.

In fact, the expansion of new technologies and their presence in the tourism sector means that more and more people make use of them to plan a trip. According The Boston Consulting Group, more than 95% of tourists today use digital resources in the course of their trip, either before, during or after it. And is that these tools help many ways: from showing the opinion of other people about a hotel to the ratings of a restaurant that we plan to visit.

How can new technologies help to plan a trip?

The new technologies applied to the tourism sector can be of great help when planning a trip and become a good ally when choosing destinations, hotels, restaurants and many other aspects. The IMF Business School points out some of the points where you can make good use of these tools:

-  Destination. The number of forums and other platforms online They are very useful to find opinions of other travelers about the place we have in mind to visit. In this way, we will know if a destination adapts to conditions such as the economic budget, the family environment or the climate at the time of the year that we plan to go.

-  Transport. Internet offers a very convenient and fast platform to buy airline tickets, train or bus via online. New technologies also offer GPS service if you choose to travel in your own vehicle.

-  accommodation. As with the destination, through any device with Internet connection, the traveler can know the opinion of other tourists about a certain hotel and compare prices, know if for example said accommodation offers a free crib, if it is worth to opt for Half board, full board or breakfast only.

-  Move in the destination. The new technologies offer through the Internet a perfect tourist guide in which to know the opinion of other people about places not to miss, places to eat and other activities to do in a destination. In this way for example if we go with a baby, we can know the degree of accessibility of a museum or another center, or if the food of a certain restaurant is adapted to our needs.

Other things to consider with a trip

Planning a trip will not only depend on these points where new technologies help us, but we must take into account other factors where these tools can not assist, such as making our suitcase. Therefore, these are several things that you also have to take into account before making a trip:

1. Child seats. If we are going to travel by car, it is essential to have seats appropriate to the age of each child, as well as seat belts. Under no circumstances should children occupy the front seats. It is not advisable for passengers to use various electronic devices, as fixing the view at a nearby point increases the feeling of dizziness.

2. Drink or food on the plane. In case of traveling by plane you have to take into account the annoying sensation in the ears when taking off and landing, which can be fought by drinking or chewing something, according to the age of the child. On somewhat longer journeys, remember to bring some drink and stretch every so often.

3. Medical, national or international card. It is essential to travel to any destination with the children's health card and vaccination card up to date. If the trip is abroad, you should be informed of the agreements in terms of health in the country of destination, since it may be useful to take out general travel insurance or special insurance in those countries where health risks are important or social security Do not cover some points.

4. Sunscreen. Always bring products that help our skin does not suffer from the sun's rays. It is also recommended to avoid prolonged sun exposure, especially at central hours. If the destination is the beach you should not miss the umbrella.

5. Medicines for the chronically ill. In case of traveling with children with illnesses, we must make sure to take the necessary medication for all the duration of the trip. Also, in these cases, it is recommended to take the minor's medical reports in case it is necessary to see a doctor.

Damián Montero

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