10 websites for children to navigate safe and learn English

Internet It embodies practically everything good and bad in the world. In it we can find many pages educational websites, creative, fun * we can also meet old friends who we thought were lost or even meet new people. However, the Internet can be a very insecure place: viruses, inappropriate content, false information * navigating with knowledge is essential.

Now, what happens when the navigator is a child who does not have enough knowledge to protect himself from the dangers of the network? There the work of the parents is essential: we must teach our children basic keys so that they behave well in Internet and so that they know how to discern among such magnitude of information.

When they are very small, leaving them alone in front of a computer can be reckless. Therefore, today we bring you a small selection of secure webs for children. As they are all in English (but always adapted for the little ones in the face), they are also a great option for practicing the language of Shakespeare almost without realizing it. That is, they will find entertainment, education (they all teach the little ones) and English on the Internet, who gives more?

1.- Time fot Kids

This is the Time magazine adapted for the little ones. In it you can find out which adults of the news of the day ... but explained in such a way that they can understand everything perfectly. A great invention!

2.- How Stuff Works

"How things work?" The name says it all. The eternal question of each child, well explained for his age. In this page the little one of the house will be able to learn curiosities about the Olympic Games, about cars, geography * almost any question that is asked about the world is answered.

3.- Fun Brain

Children will not realize they are learning while playing these fun activities. Mathematics, reading comprehension * everything is practiced and it is learned in an entertaining way.

4.- Fun Logy

This is a great website where children will find many activities to do at home and have a great time. Cooking recipes, ideas for scientific experiments, trivials to practice your knowledge * there is everything!

5.- Knowledge Kids

A large selection of videos and games designed for preschool or daycare children. On this page you can have fun and learn, in addition to making good friends.

6.- Science Bob

For small scientists is this web. Here you will find very good ideas to do experiments at home, as well as scientific videos to learn and entertain. Any questions? You can also consult them.

7.- PBS Kids

American public television has this website with a lot of educational activities and fun games for children. This chain is known for its quality educational programming, so why not take advantage of it?

8.- Star Fall

If you want your little one to learn to read in English, this is a good option. Designed for small English speakers, in it they will know the different phonemes of the Shakespearean language.

9.- Sport Ilustrated Kids

Sport Ilustrated is another American media outlet known for its interest in reaching children. If your children like sports, do not lose sight of it, because here you can find out everything that interests you in a language adapted to your age.

10.- Sesame Street

And I could not miss Sesame Street! What better page than the one dedicated to the television dolls of our childhood? A place where not only the little one in the house will have a great time while he learns, right?

Damián Montero

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