Buy second-hand textbooks allows you to save up to 100 euros per child

Little more than a month is left for the youngest of the house to finish their vacations, or what is the same, so that the parents have to face the back to school. The return to the school of the children supposes a great outlay for the pocket of the homes: it is necessary to buy books, pencils, notebooks and much school material. Therefore any help that makes the family economy does not suffer so much is welcome.

The purchase of second-hand textbooks can be a good decision if you want to save with the back to school. And is that according to a study, buying this used school material is a saving ofup to 51%, which without a doubt supposes an excellent aid for the familiar economies that confront with the return to the school a slope of September quite difficult to face.

Savings of up to 100 euros per child

The second-hand sale portal Vibbo has made a study where he wanted to check the savings that goes to return to school buy textbooks already used. According to this work, the average price of a second-hand Primary and ESO textbook is around the 10,20 euros, while those in the Bachillerato have a cost of 15.40 euros.

On the other hand, if you choose to buy textbooks first hand, according to data from the Federation of Publishers' Guilds of Spain, the average cost of these copies for Primary and ESO is around 20.80 euros and in 25.84 euros in the case of the Bachillerato. If accounts are made, the price difference can mean savings in the return to school between 40% and 51%.

In other words, buying textbooks firsthand means an expenditure per copy of between 10 and 12 euros more than if they are purchased second hand. This means that the cost of buying all the books a student needs in the second market is up to 102 euros cheaper in the case of Primary and ESO books, and 123 euros in the case of Bachillerato.

If families choose to buy second-hand books, they can save between 80 and 100 euros per child regarding what it would be to acquire new ones, as contributes to recycling. This is summed up by Beatriz Toribio, responsible for Estudios de Vibbo: "at this time of the year, textbooks represent a large outlay of money for families, but it is one of the objects with which we can apply smarter consumption. Many parents see the end of the course with some textbooks that are practically new and could be very useful for other families. "

Tips for going back to school

The return to school of the little ones not only supposes an economic outlay, but also also the children must readjust to a routine that they did not live in summer and prepare for their return to school. These are some tips that will help everyone to face this era:

1. Start changing schedules. It is advisable to leave the lax schedule of the holidays and take the children will begin to live with the return to school: return to routines, dine earlier, go to bed earlier, get up earlier, without having to wake them up at 7 o'clock in the morning .

2. Summer homework. There are children who leave everything to the end so we may be surprised. It is necessary to verify if the smallest ones have finished the tasks that were sent them of reinforcement for the vacations, in case they had to finish off.

3. No worries. Hurry are bad advisors, it is better to wake up early and have breakfast with peace.

4. Study time. When you return to school, you have to understand that the child can not spend all day playing hard to study. Therefore we must help them in this progressive change so that although there are no homework, from the first day of school you can sit down for a while and increase your study time.

5. A good backpack. Carrying it well helps distribute the weight, preventing bad postures and back pain from marking the children's school year.

Damián Montero

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