Grandparents: fundamental piece in the labor conciliation

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Reconciliation is one of the problems that parents have to endure throughout the year. Combining work and education of children becomes an almost impossible task for heads of family. However, there are people who are always willing to pitch in to help in this matter: the grandparents, who are one of the almost indispensable figures in Spanish homes.

This is revealed by the data of The Family Watch where it is revealed the great importance of grandparents in Spanish families. And is that according to this body these people are a fundamental pillar in the homes of our country as they provide support in many ways, both emotionally and economically and even solving the equation that allows parents to solve the reconciliation.

More than half of grandparents help at home with their children

The data that contributes The Family Watch they point out that approximately 55'9% of the grandparents of Spain claims to help their children in various ways: financially or caring for their grandchildren. In this sense the elderly become solution to two of the problems that most affect the homes of our country: labor conciliation and the financial crisis.

On the one hand the grandparents become the perfect caregivers for the children while the parents are working. In the first place because they are family members who will not cause so much rejection in the minors who remain in their charge and in the second because they will suppose a free solution to the work and attention of the smallest members of the house.

On the other hand in the current financial situation any pocket appreciates a help no matter how small. And as the data from The Family Watch indicates, the grandparents also help their children financially, another survey from a MetLife survey assures that More than 50% of the grandparents recognizes to assist economically to the homes of their children.

62% of grandparents help their children financially

Attending to the MetLige survey 62% of grandparents acknowledge having helped their children financially at some point in their lives. And it seems that older people are more important to provide this assistance to their family to ensure their pensions, which have been greatly reduced in recent years.

This fact makes the importance of the family important for Spaniards, which will always be in first place despite the fact that this help means generating another one in the grandparents' home. However, another 34% of older people believe that this gesture will have negative effects on their economic security, but despite everything they do it with pleasure.

Grandparents also consider important provide values their grandchildren, among them the elderly consider as the most important when transmitting: the honesty ranks first (88%), maintaining a good behavior (82%), the self-sufficiency (70%), achieve a higher education (69%) and practice Healthy habits (68%).

Damián Montero

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