7 curiosities about your skin that you probably did not know

In summer, the risks to which we expose our skin are greater. We spend more hours in the open air and leave our skin exposed to the effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun, the wind, the chlorinated water of the pools ... which can cause damage and premature aging. To keep our skin smooth and luminous longer, we tell you these 7 details that, maybe, you did not know.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, therefore we must take care of it in an appropriate way. In winter, despite the cold, it is easier to keep it hydrated and cared for. In summer, with the arrival of the sun and exposure to sunlight, we must take greater precautions. For example, do not expose ourselves to the sun without having covered ourselves with sunscreen.

We all know how essential it is to use sunscreen in summer, but what else should we know about our skin? Different types of thickness, number of dead cells that come off and other curiosities that we tell you next.

7 facts to know how to take good care of our skin

1. Dead cells are detached from it: Although obviously we can not see them, the figure is between 30,000 and 50,000 every minute. These data may lead to the assumption that a person loses up to 750 grams of dead skin over a year.

2. It has different thickness type: Depending on the area of ​​our body that is surrounding, will have a type or another of thickness and thickness. On the feet, for example, it has a thickness that ranges between 1 and 5 mm, while on the face it is 0.2 mm.

3. It is the largest organ of your body: Performs a route that goes from the feet to the head, a fact that allows to protect the internal organs and act as a protective barrier function. In animals it is also the largest organ.

4. It consists of three layers: The skin is formed by the epidermis (the outer part), the dermis (the thickest layer and where is mainly collagen and elastin) and the subcutaneous tissue or hypodermis (where fat accumulates). The set of epidermis and dermis is what we know as "cutis".

5. Has memory: the burns you may suffer during this summer can take a toll throughout your life as a hypersensitivity, allergies or diseases and more serious diseases.

6. Remember the excesses: poor diet, alcohol, smoking and lack of sleep, among other factors, accelerate the aging process of the skin and lose its luminosity.

7. Includes a large number of blood vessels: if these were organized and arranged in a straight line, they would form a route of up to 17 kilometers.

Tips for perfect skin this summer

1. Clean and hydrated skin: It is important to perform a daily cleaning of our skin and at least once a week with specific products to perform this task. They must be products that do not irritate the skin or that are very perfumed, but help to eliminate accumulated dirt and hydrate.

2. Sleep and rest correctly: Sleep is essential for the cells of our skin to recover strength.

3. Take care of the food: you have to eat a balanced diet, do not abuse soft drinks or ice cream. Foods rich in antioxidants will come in handy.

4. Sun protection: fundamental if we are going to be in the sun. The skin has memory and the burns that you make today can manifest itself in a few years.

5. Chlorine: If we have been sunbathing and bathing in a chlorinated pool, it is advisable to take a shower to hydrate the skin well and take care of the PH.

María Rojas Sanabria

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