Fiat Type 5 doors: compact at the price of urban

The family is completed Kind with the five-door body, an interesting option for its versatility for family use, with a lot of space and that is put on sale from 15,190 euros.

The family of Fiat Type recently won the awardBest car purchase 2016', which was awarded by a jury of European journalists and perhaps its designation was due to the extension of its range and its good balance with prices, in all cases very competitive.

His latest incorporation has been five-door body, which has already begun to be sold and will soon appear in the Station Wagon version. The first is already priced and in Spain will be set from 15,190 euros, very interesting amount but that does not mean it is below its competitors, it offers many qualities, including a lot of space to travel.

The Type 5 doors It is 4.37 meters long, 1.70 wide and 1.50 high. In the SW, the length grows to 4.57 meters and the height hardly increases 1 cm. In both versions the width matches.

Perhaps what distinguishes both cars is the trunk, with 440 liters in the model five doors and 550 liters in the SW. Both are quite broad for your type of body and the difference may be the best functional arrangement of the SW to take advantage of its space, with very clever solutions to make the use more flexible.

Aesthetically has all the aspect of the range and the variants to reach the new dimensions are very successful to achieve a dynamic air. Inside you can see a good finish and fit, with correct materials that can withstand well the passage of time.

The design of the controls and dashboard, similar to the sedan, is simple, which ends up being much better, because it is practical and everything looks fast, without unnecessary distractions. As a difference, incorporates a new touch screen seven inches in color, which the user can handle in the same way as a tablet. With it you access the UconnectHD Live system, with Bluetooth, voice recognition, text reader and connection ports for smartphones, which can be completed with a rear view camera or with an integrated 3D navigation system TomTom. It also allows you to connect the mobile on the car screen and to manage the menus to make calls, play music and send or receive messages.

Mechanical Fiat 5 doors

The mechanical range of Type 5P is composed of two Diesel Multijet, the 1.3 of 95 horses and the 1.6 of 120. In both cases its operation is correct and with about very acceptable consumptions, but at the time of choosing it will be necessary to take into account the type of use, because if the most frequent trips are made with cargo near the plenary session and you want to have a agile driving, it is better to opt for the mechanics of 120 horses. In gasoline, the option is the 1.4 engine of 95 horses or with the same displacement, the 1.4 T-Jet of 120, which can run on gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas.

For the Spanish market the range of the Type five doors and later the SW will be available in Two levels of completion and equipment: Easy Y Lounge. In the first, the air conditioning is standard, the connection Bluetooth or the multimedia system Uconnect with five-inch screen. The versions Lounge add to the above a larger alloy wheels, the speed programmer, automatic climate control or a multimedia system with a seven-inch touch screen and connection to operating systems Android Auto from Google or Car Play from Apple.

Data sheet:

Engine: Petrol 1.4 of 95 HP and 1.4 T-Jet of 120 HP (petrol or LPG). Diesel Multijet 1.3 of 95 HP and 1.6 of 120 HP.
Transmission: 6 speed manual change and automatic double clutch in option in diesel 120 HP.
Suspension: In front of McPherson and rear wheel thrown.
Brakes: Disks, the ventilated forwards.
Address: Zipper and electric assistance, with function Easy.
Long wide high: 4.37 / 1.70 / 1.50 meters.
Capacities: Trunk 440 liters. Deposit 50 liters.
Prices: From € 15,190

Francisco del Brío. Newsmotor

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