4 orphans for domestic violence receive the first Soledad Cazorla Scholarships

Two children, a girl and a girl have received the first four study grants granted by the newly created Scholarship Fund Fiscal Soledad Cazorla Prieto for children of women killed because of domestic violence. This economic aid aims to alleviate the great damage suffered by boys and girls whose mothers die at the hands of their partners, who often are also their parents. So far this year, 14 children have been orphaned by these murders.

The Soledad Cazorla Scholarship Fund is an initiative of the family of the first prosecutor of Room against Violence against Women, Soledad Cazorla Prieto, who died in 2015 and aims to promote personal development, educational support and reparation for the harm suffered by girls and boys who have to live the experience of having their mothers murdered for domestic violence crimes.

29 women murdered by domestic violence in 2016

Throughout this year, 29 women have died at the hands of their partners and there are already 14 children who have lost their mother in 2016 because of the domestic violence murders within the couple.

On the occasion of this first aid grant, the Selection Committee, made up of representatives of the family of Cazorla, members of the Women's Foundation Board and independent experts on equality and domestic violence, recalls that "gender violence is intolerable: the life of women and, in some cases, the lives of their children, the involvement of the whole society is necessary to end it, while it is essential that the cowardly action of those who murder women does not impede the development personal, emotional and educational aspects of their children ".

For this reason, the Scholarship Committee makes a double appeal. Requests the Administrations and public authorities, including the Judiciary, to exercise extreme care and rigor in their actions to keep children as far away from domestic violence as possible and raise a social commitment with actions in favor of a a better future for children who have had to live with the most tragic manifestations of violence against women.

Scholarships for orphans of domestic violence

The Soledad Cazorla Scholarships are aimed at sons and daughters of women murdered by domestic violence, economically dependent and in need. The purpose of this aid is to cover expenses related to education and activities to reinforce school performance or psychological support for minors, development of university studies or professional training. The tutors or caregivers of these minors can apply for them in fact, and the amounts of the scholarships can reach a maximum of 2,000 euros.

Soledad Cazorla Prieto, She was the first woman Prosecutor of the Chamber against Violence against Women, and held this position from 2005 until her death in May 2015, being responsible for setting up and directing the network of prosecutors specializing in violence against women. Defender of equality, and with a high personal and professional commitment in the fight against violence against women, her professional career was closely linked to the development of this law in Spain, highlighting her involvement in the need for the role of the prosecution contribute to the adequate treatment of women victims in the judicial process and, especially, in the need to protect children who had to cope with the harsh reality of violence against their mothers.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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