7 tips to not feel exhausted in summer

For many women, the arrival of holidays means a time of stress and constant exhaustion. At the end of the school the children have to juggle work, children, chores ... Therefore, just beginning the month of June and feel exhausted. This is known as the syndrome of the exhausted woman.

In Spain, this syndrome is not yet treated as a badly diagnosed, but in England it has already been termed Tatt (Tired all the time, tired all the time). The National Health Service quantifies female fatigue in epidemic levels.

"Women who have a shattered back and who repeat the same phrase all the time come back to me: I can not stand it anymore, I'm exhausted, I'm on the edge ...", says Roser de Tienda, chiropractor and expert in women's health. The long working days, running after work to pick up your children, to do some errands or go to visit your parents, make the purchase, cook, clean, do homework and play with your children, try to find quality time for your partner ... And above all, never disconnect and always be aware of the needs of others, makes women arrive exhausted at the end of the day.

8 tricks to prevent fatigue

1. Disconnect: try to put the work aside when you get home. The mails, calls or even thinking about it even while at home should disappear. Work in working hours.

2. Delegate to your partner: It is important to trust and support our partner. He will be able to help us in the housework, at the time of making food, dressing the children or even spending an afternoon in the park with them.

3. Get rid of the guilt: You are not a vague to feel tired, nor a bad mother to read on the couch while children do their homework or play with each other. We need our moments of disconnection.

4. Live in the moment: Pay more attention to what you are doing in each moment, not everything you have to do next. That will be a great liberation.

5. Learn to say "no" from time to time: We can not cover everything always, once when we must reject certain commitments to enjoy a quiet time. Going all the way from here to there will not work to feel more relaxed.

6. Reserve time for yourself: go for a coffee alone, visit a friend, go shopping, visit an exhibition ... It's about disconnecting doing something that you really like and enjoy.

7. Avoid heavy meals and get enough rest: maintaining body wellness will help you feel less tired. The rhythm of life that we carry today is very moving, we need to take care of our food.

8. Invest time reasonably: Maybe if we took some time to put on makeup and we would invest in sleeping, the dark circles would not be so marked.

María Rojas Sanabria
Advice: Store Roser. Writer, chiropractor and expert in women's health.

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