Ice Age: the great cataclysm: Play and participate in our raffle!

July 15 premieres in theaters across Spain Ice Age: the great cataclysm, the last Fox movie for the whole family. Ice Age It is the second largest animated film franchise in the world. Each new story increases in interest, magnitude, adventure, humor and heart, which makes ICE AGE: THE GREAT CATACLISM in the biggest and most ambitious film of the series. With it, the whole family will travel to new places, such as the cosmos and the crystallized world known as Geotopia, with many of the characters starting new journeys.

A thrilling plot, full of comedy and adventures

The argument of the new Ice Age begins with the epic pursuit of Scrat of the elusive acorn, which ends up catapulting the universe, where it accidentally unleashes a series of cosmic events that transform and threaten the world of Ice Age. To save yourself, Sid, Manny, Diego and the rest of the pack must leave home and embark on an expedition full of comedy and adventures, which will make them travel through new and exotic lands where they will find a lot of new and colorful characters.

The story of the new movie is deeply rooted in the mythology of the original Ice Age movie. The family dynamic of the pack, which brings heart and emotion, adds comedy and adventures. But like most families, the herd must adapt to a changing world.

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Participate and win one of these 5 packs with Thisfamilywelove

¡Thisfamilywelove raffles 5 Ice Age product packs: the great cataclysm, the latest animation adventure for the whole family! I premiere in theaters on July 15.

To participate, you simply have to send an email to [email protected] answering the following question: What are the 4 main characters of the pack called?

Send us your answer before July 25, and you will have the chance to win one of the five packs * of movie products Ice Age: the great cataclysm that we raffle.

* A gift pack will be given for each winner. Each gift pack consists of beach ball + beach paddles + backpack + stationery set + shirt. Shipments only for Spain.

Winners of the Ice Age draw: the great cataclysm

We already have the winners of our raffle! The five lucky ones are:

- Manuel García Santillana

- Amalia Soler Ruíz

- David Rodriguez Sanz

- Laura Moreno Prieto

- Samuel Sotillo López

IMPORTANT: The gifts will be sent around the summer holidays; as of September 1.

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