The coveted educational pact: ten basic proposals

TheNational Catholic Confederation of Parents and Parents of Students (CONCAPA), with the objective of claiming aeducational pact to resolve as soon as possible the difficulties experienced by theSpanish education, has developed 10 basic proposals aimed atpolitical parties to those who urge to forget their differences and agree on what educational matter is concerned.

This pact "should resolve essential aspects for the education of Spanish children and young people, especially as regards failure and school dropout, looking for an authentic quality education with the necessary respect for the freedom of parents and the plurality of educational centers ", points outPedro José Caballero, president of CONCAPA.

10 basic proposals for an educational pact

1.- Guarantee the freedom of education and the free choice of educational center, according to the convictions of the parents, which are thefirst educators of their children.

2.- Guarantee thefree education for all and at all levels, whether they are in thepublic network as in the social initiative (concerted or sustained totally or partially with public funds), which would facilitate the equity of the system.

3.- Guarantee the effective and determined commitment to the culture of effort, seeking excellence in education, in practiceteacher and allowing no student to be dropped or abandoned from the system.

4.- Face theProblems of school failure and dropout, with reliable alternatives and that avoid the exit of the system of our children / students.

5.- Guarantee, throughout the national territory, that students who are in the system are studyingminimum and general contents for all, also ensuring that they can be delivered inSpanish.

6.- Guarantee the systemeducational concerts, adapting its financing, duration and requirements for its renewal, giving tranquility andguaranteeing the educational future that families want for their children when they choose to choose concerted centers.

7.- Raise a system of objective and external evaluations that guarantee the transparency of the system, both in the educational management and in the results of the centers, not to create inequalities but to face with greater success the actions in the face of deficiencies to be detected and always guaranteeing the autonomy of the centers.

8.- Guarantee a national protocol that tackles the problem of school bullying, in all its aspects and that affects our students every time at younger ages.

9.- Consider the importance of the participation of families in everything related to the education of their children. Make decided bets on that participation, looking for channels for the long-awaited work-family reconciliation. Strengthen the role of APAS / AMPAS, recover the importance of school councils.

10.- Guarantee the right to education according to the convictions of parents, both moral and religious, so that the teaching of Religion or its alternative has the same specific weight as the rest of the materials.

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