Ideas to save as a family, also on holidays

Enjoy a great summer in family comes with a series of expenses, which if we do not control them, we will pay during the hard September cost, when you have to return to school with new books and shoes. What can we do to save on our trips during the summer holidays?

If, like most Spaniards, you also prefer to travel by car when you are with your family during your holidays, you will be interested in knowing the Free MAPFRE program we take care of that this company puts at the service of all its insured offering great advantages.

As we said, if you have taken out insurance at MAPFRE and are a member of your MAPFRE Program, we take care of you (you can register for free here), this summer you can get up to 5% discount when refueling in your vehicle, from the 15/07/2016 at 08/15/2016 and from 19/5/2016 to 9/31/2016.

The 5% discount is distributed as follows: a 4% discount on your insurance policy (through Clovers, the currency of the Program we receive, 1 Clover = € 1) and the other 1% direct discount on fuel.

Outside of these dates, this promotion will remain active with a 3% discount. If you want to take advantage of this promotion, it is very important that each time you refill you present your Membership Card so that the discount can be applied. If you do not have your card yet, you can request a duplicate through your nearest MAPFRE office, by calling 902 03 03 31 or by writing an email to [email protected] indicating your ID and your complete address.

How can we save a little more this summer?

Saving in our day to day life is not easy. There are always purchases to make and receipts to pay. So that our expenses are more bearable and get to the end of the month in a comfortable way, with the MAPFRE savings program, we can save you in your insurance and in your day to day, because it offers the best discounts and special promotions for you and yours. . At the same time, you accumulate Clubs in your purchases, which equals one euro of direct discount on your insurance. Thus, your policy will also be cheaper.

- Savings in stores and products

Numerous commercial establishments and products can be on your favorites list to achieve significant savings every month. And is that using the MAPFRE membership card we take care of You can get important discounts in your collaborating establishments and in all the products of the Planet of Savings. And to pay, use the We take care of MAPFRE financial card, which allows you to save on your insurance with your daily expenses.

- Easier September slope

Climbing the September slope has always been a major challenge for the family economy. Before starting school, it is best to ask the youngest members of the household for a medical check-up to check that everything is in order in terms of health. Thanks to the Program MAPFRE we take care you will have free access to an online doctor for greater peace of mind for you and your family, to a second medical opinion when it comes to a specialized diagnosis and to a 24-hour Tele-pharmacy service.

For your home, you also have a tax advisor and an emergency service for the home of emergency repairs. Also from home you can organize your free time in a more comfortable and easy way by asking your personal manager everything you need (theater tickets, airline tickets, kangaroo, comparisons, etc.)

And how to get out you need your car, you will also have a mechanical consultant, who offers you advantages in workshops and an expert opinion, as well as legal-administrative assistance for the car.

- MAPFRE raffles we take care

And if what you want is to receive a good prize, every month a lot of gifts are drawn. Some of them are very attractive, since they are related to technology, they allow you to win trips, liters of fuel, or even Clubs. Participating is very simple, you can find out about the new raffles through your e-mail.

- VIP access to the best events

If during this vacation you do not know how to entertain the little ones in the house, MAPFRE also takes you easy, as this free program puts at your disposal and that of your family tickets for the latest cultural, educational, social plans * visits to museums, workshops or sporting events. Discover with MAPFRE we take care of a thousand ways to have fun with your family.

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