Tips to relieve and prevent insect bites

The risk of suffering an allergic reaction to insect bites is dangerous in children, since many times the insect bites before the allergic tests have been performed. Today, these tests are very precise and allow to anticipate an effective treatment. In summer, we must take special care, especially at night, putting into practice these tips to alleviate and prevent insect bites.

The Spanish Society of Clinical Immunology and Pediatric Allergy (SEICAP) has advised parents to take precautions, especially if their children have already suffered a first bite, since allergic reactions usually appear in the second. In addition, during the summer season is when the activity of certain insects such as wasps, bees, flies or mosquitoes increases and it is, therefore, when there is more risk of suffering bites.

As we know how important it is for you to take care of your children, we give you a series of tips to prevent and relieve mosquito bites.

Tips to prevent bites

1. Avoid areas where insects have their nests, even avoid the areas that most often visit: garbage bins, rafts with water, food, gardens in bloom ... The less we expose ourselves to these insects, the less chance we will have to be bitten.

2. Leave the light off if we have the window open: insects come to light because they are attracted to it. Even if we have an insect repellent for the home, it is preferable not to have the light on with the window open.

3. Use repellent at night and at dawn: This will largely prevent insect bites like mosquitoes. Chemists are very effective, although you have to use them wisely.

4. Avoid bright, bold colors and with floral prints: since these colors attract insects. "In the case of those who are at risk of allergy, it is advisable not to wear flashy colors or prints and long sleeves and long pants," advised the president of the SEICAP.

5. Do not provoke insects: especially children.

Tips to relieve bites

If the insect has already bitten us, put very cold water in the area of ​​the bite to prevent the poison from being absorbed.

If we see that the area where we have been bitten begins to swell and abnormal symptoms appear it is important that we go to the emergency room. This may be due to an allergic reaction so we will need a specific medication to alleviate the effects. The doctor will advise us and prescribe the medication in question.

When a person is allergic to insect bites, your body's immune system, which normally fights infections, reacts disproportionately to the proteins contained in insect venom. That is why the reactions to the bite are disproportionate. When you suffer an insect bite and you are allergic, the body interprets these proteins as harmful invaders.
However, with the proper precaution to avoid these bites is quite simple.

María Rojas Sanabria

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