Eating out: 9 simple tricks to keep the line

The high temperatures and the joyful and festive atmosphere that accompany the summer increase the number of meals made outside the home and in Spain, more than anywhere else. According to Eurostat data, Spaniards are the Europeans who leave restaurants the most. But is it possible to eat outside the home and do it in a healthy and balanced way? We offer you 9 simple tricks to avoid losing the line.

More than half of Spaniards have a Body Mass Index greater than 25, which translates into overweight. But, the problem is not just a matter of kilos, but people who are overweight or obese have a greater tendency to suffer diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, certain types of cancer and other diseases.

Dr. Pilar Riobó Serván, in her book Why can not I lose weight? He explains: "being on a diet does not mean you can not eat away from home: are there no salads, vegetables, grilled meats, or fruit where you are going to eat?". To this day, many restaurants present a wide variety of healthy and balanced dishes. The problem is, according to Dr. Riobó, in the extras that are requested and in the type of dish chosen. Choosing between fried or grilled foods or between a caloric or healthy dessert is something that is in our hands.

9 tricks to eat healthy away from home

1. Small variations in the menu

It's about adapting the menu to your needs and making it healthier. For example, if what the letter offers is a fried dish, it can be substituted with a grilled or roasted one or substitute salads of fried potatoes for salads or vegetables. The first dishes usually contain less calories and fats than the second, so they are more recommended

2. Do not repeat
The key to keeping order in meals and not overdoing it is not to stop eating, but to eat the right amount and not to do it excessively.

3. Compensate with exercise and healthy food
But eating out does not mean opting for the menu that is least appetizing or not eating all day to reserve. The trick is to eat something that we like taking into account what is more or less healthy and compensate during the rest of the day with healthy and balanced dishes. In addition, it is highly recommended to combine it with an exercise session, since it burns calories and controls hunger.

4. Do not give up the dessert
Eating what you want during the meal and then giving up the dessert does not have any positive effect, because this practice will lead to a subsequent snacking when you get home, thus increasing the amount of calories eaten. It is advisable to order a salad first, a main course then combined with an adequate amount of water and finish with a dessert. If it has many calories it is better to share it.
Fruits, sorbets and dairy products can be light, healthy and refreshing dessert options for these summertime dates.

5. Do not snack on the starters
In restaurants, it is very common to bring some snacks such as olives, bread or potatoes. It is convenient to reject it and wait for the food to arrive, because the "snacking" makes us increase the number of calories almost without realizing it.

6. Do not get to the food very hungry
For this it is essential to make five meals a day. Pay special attention to mid-morning snacks and snacks for which you can choose a fruit, a yogurt, a small light snack or an infusion.

7. Do not overdo it with drinks
When arriving at the establishment it is frequent to arrive with thirst and ask for a drink or a soft drink with alcohol. It is preferable to quench your thirst with water and then if you feel like asking for something else.

8. Beware of sauces
If you order a dish that contains sauce, ask to be served separately. Choose preferably those that are made of tomato and vegetables instead of those that contain milk or cream. For the dressings the use of olive oil is recommended.

9. Control visits to buffet and self-service restaurants
When you arrive at a restaurant with these characteristics, with so much food exposed, it is very difficult to refuse the temptation to fill the plate and want to try everything.

María Redondo

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