10 educational proposals for the next academic year

In the middle of the electoral campaign, the doubts regarding educational policy are still valid. A great debate is opened on how to face the changes in the education system in the next academic year and for this reason, some institutions such as CECE, Concapa, Confapa and Escuelas Católicas have developed a list of proposals to political parties to guarantee a plural educational system .

10 educational proposals to political parties for the next academic year

1. Defend the freedom of choice of families promoting a plural educational offer in complementary networks, public and private-concerted. This is an authentic freedom of education linked to the right of everyone to education, as established in our Constitution (Article 27).

2. Promote a national Pact -social and political-, which ensures stability in the educational field; moving education away from political ups and downs.

3. Determine the real cost of the school position and raise the economic modules of the concert until it reaches its full funding, within a reasonable time.

4. Ensure the economic concert to schools in which there is a demand by the parents and that meet the conditions required by law.

5. Automatically renew concerts every 6 years if the conditions that led to your subscription have not ceased to be fulfilled.

6. Promote the existence of different educational models to guarantee the freedom of choice of families according to their own convictions.

7. Reach a retributive analogy of the teaching staff of the concerted school, in relation to that of the public network, and to prestige the figure of the teacher.

8. Make the priority criteria for admission of students more flexible so that they take into account, fundamentally, the existence of brothers in the center, their socioeconomic situation and the harmony of the parents with the educational Project of the same.

9. Increase scholarships and grants for canteens, books and school transport to the families that need it, are the students enrolled in public or private centers. Promote social practices in the daily life of schools as a way to raise awareness in an educational social responsibility

10. Public financing for all stages: from 0 to 3 years, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training, avoiding the change of educational project at half of school age.

Video: 2013/14 School Budget: 10% budget reduction proposal

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