Spain is the fourth country in the world that best protects the rights of children

It is an evident reality that those who are most vulnerable are those who should receive greater protection from the laws of a country. In this sense, it is the children who through their rights have a quality of life or another depending on the nation in which they are located.

Valuing this level of protection is entrusted Kids Rights Index, an organization that evaluates different countries in terms of the mechanisms available to them to protect Children's rights.

In this way, the Kids Rigths Index is divided into five levels that cater to different categories: right to life, right to health, right to education, right to protection and favorable environment. In turn, each indicator is divided into others, such as the right to health measures infant mortality below five years.

Spain rises two positions in the protection of rights

Attending to Kids Riths ranking Index Spain occupies the fourth position in this ranking only behind Norway, Portugal and Iceland, which means that our country is ahead of other countries with greater financial power such as Germany or France. If you compare this square with the 2015 classification, you can see how our nation has climbed two places indicating improvements in the protection of children's rights.

However, we must improve in many ways, such as meet the views of children, which is one of the categories that measures the environment indicator of the child. And is that not a single country has managed to pass at this point, what shows us that around the world the point of view that the smallest ones of the house have does not take into account their judgments.

Less attention to childhood?

However, despite Spain occupying this position in the ranking of Kids Rigths Index A UNICEF study reveals that 83% of people between 18 and 35 years of age in our country believe that there is no concern on the part of institutions in the future of the youngest members of the household. This may mean that "lost generations" appear that is not well served by the State whose problems no one seems to answer.

The current financial crisis is also causing a gap to open between families based on their financial level. In this way, those who are suffering the most from this economic situation can not give all the means they would like to their children, with which there is a certain inequality in terms of rights. It is up to the State to act so that all children have the same opportunities, at least according to UNICEF criteria.

Achievements in the achievement of children's rights

However, the rise of Spain in this ranking of countries protecting children's rights is not a trivial thing. It has also brought important social improvements such as, for example, the increase in reading capacity at 15 years of age, whose performance stood at around 461 points in the PISA report in 2006, and this index currently stands at 488. .

Another of the improvements brought about by this increase in the protection of children's rights is the increase in the percentage of students completing Compulsory Secondary Education, ESO. While in the 2005-2006 academic year, 71.6% of the students obtained the ESO degree, in the 2014-2015 school year this figure rose to 76.9%.

Early school leaving was also reduced (percentage of population between 18 and 24 years old who completed the first stage of secondary school but did not continue studying). While in 2007 this percentage was 31.2%, in 2013 this fell to 23.5%, which means a significant drop in the number of students who do not continue their education once the first stage of secondary school has ended.

Damián Montero

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