Inflatables for children: rules for safe use

Now that summer vacation has arrived, it's time to think about activities to occupy all this free time. The children after so many months of school look for fun and the castles inflatable present in fairs, some parks or on birthdays, because they can even be rented by parents for private parties, they are one of their favorite activities. However, playing in the inflatables with caution is essential as the AEP warns.

You have to be careful with the inflatable since they can cause more than one injury to the child if they are not used properly or some notions of safety are taken into account. Therefore, the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, AEP, offers a series of recommendations so that parents can rest assured once their children are mounted in these bouncy castles.

Injuries that occur in inflatable castles

During the use of bouncy castles can occur accidents and several injuries, the most common are sprains and fractures, the latter being the most common in children under five years. These are produced by the numerous falls that occur inside the castle or by the collision with other children who are in the interior that collide with each other.

Other of the most common injuries are bruises also produced by falls and collisions, and chafing and burns due to friction with the canvas of the inflatable castle. As for the most punished areas of the child, are in the extremities and neck where more injuries occur in this regard. Finally, pediatricians also warn about injuries that are less common than other injuries, but they occur more than you think and involve one of the most serious injuries that a child can suffer inside a bouncy castle .

Regarding the reasons for such injuries, the AEP notes that in many cases these are caused by the lack of supervision of what happens inside the castle and by an excessive agglomeration of children that makes it impossible for them to collide. Another reason that pediatricians wield for these accidents is a bad anchor or that inside this room there are children of different ages and sizes.

What should you keep in mind if you rent an inflatable castle?

In recent years we see how more and more parents include a inflatable castle in the celebrations of their children. Either as part of a pack in a family restaurant or on your own for the celebration of the birthday, communion or other event where your children participate. Therefore, the AEP has also developed a series of recommendations for parents who have this intention:

1. Only qualified personnel must assemble and disassemble the castle. Refrain from lifting this product yourself.

2. Heavy-duty lashing ropes must be used at the same time as suitable anchors to prevent the ties from coming loose. At least 6 anchor points will be established.

3. The castle must be placed on a flat surface, removing stones, sticks and any other element that sticks out.

4. A security perimeter has to be established around the castle that never less than a meter.

5. The castle must be far from tree branches and the power line.

6. If the castle is mounted in an interior you have to make sure that the walls are far away and that the roof is several meters above the top of it.

7. There must be a soft surface at the entrance of the castle.

Before riding an inflatable, take note

Did you know that falls are the first cause of hospitalization in children? Preventing them is fundamental and therefore, it is advisable to put these recommendations into practice before using the bouncy castles:

1. The entrance and exit must be clear all the time.

2. Before the child enters the castle he must take off his shoes, accessories such as watches or bracelets, glasses, and other objects that may be sharp.

3. It is prohibited to introduce food, drink, or any type of pet.

4. It must be warned about doing cartwheels, rough games, no climbing or hanging on the walls.

5. As far as possible, children must move away from the entrance and the walls of the castle.

6. In case the castle starts to deflate, Children must go down and the activity will stop.

7. If adverse weather is also recommended let the children leave the castle and stop the activity.

Damián Montero

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