10 tips for traveling with your children by car

Summer and holidays arrive ... an ideal time for family trips. Many are the destinations to cover the free time and the means of transport chosen by most families to cover these journeys is usually, in most cases, the car. These trips are not always pleasant due to the small dimensions of the vehicle and the long hours of travel, which can cause the smallest of the house feel overwhelmed.

10 tips to survive a trip with children in the car

For this reason, we are going to propose ten tips, which will come in handy if you are one of those who will choose the car to move on their trips this summer:

1. Ideas for the co-pilot. To avoid boredom in the car and that this translates into the nervousness of the child, the co-pilot can propose games to entertain a trip with children as the "I see" or the 2 chained words ", a distraction that can make the child The hours go by flying in. Another very good option is to highlight some elements of the landscape that may surprise you so that your attention is not focused on traveling.

2. Remedies against dizziness. Avoid the child reading during the journey or use portable consoles. In this way we will avoid many dizziness caused by fixing the view in such a small point while everything around it moves.

3. Always at hand. Always have a bag on hand in case the child gets dizzy and vomits can be a good decision not to stain the car. In this way if vomiting occurs, we will avoid bad smells that can make the rest of the trip a real nightmare at the olfactory level that causes more discomfort.

4. Choose odors in the car. A bad decision in the air freshener can mean that the rest of the trip the passengers have to endure an odor too heavy. In this sense a gentle fragrance is the best choice so that you do not have to endure a stinking smell during the journey. By the way, smoking is strictly forbidden before, during and after the trip; A vehicle with a tobacco fragrance is not recommended for a trip with children.

5. Avoid heavy meals moments before the trip. Start this journey with an overloaded stomach of food is a time bomb, if in fact certain foods cause us to pass bad digestion imagine its effect on the stomach of a child who is on the move.

6. Stop every two hours. Being locked inside the car is a real torture, especially for children. It is recommended that after two hours of travel the trip stops to recharge batteries, stretch your legs and return to the interior of the vehicle with new courage.

7. Tranquility at the wheel. Sometimes we are on the road with somewhat negligent drivers who take our most unfriendly side. The child seeing all this nervousness can cause a tension in him that triggers anxiety. If another car bothers you, let it go and problem solved.

8. Bring water and sugary drinks. Being hydrated is something very important especially during the summer with high temperatures, so you have to be prepared if our son asks us for water. It is also recommended to carry sugary drinks in case of dizziness.

9. Choose the schedules well. There are families who prefer to travel at night to cover the routes while the youngest children sleep or early to start soon with the same purpose. The advisable thing is to choose schedules in which the child has not been activated since to put inside the car a small one that finishes coming to play is bad advice in as much as it is going to be to calm this child.

10. Take a snack. If the trip is long and the hunger tightens always have at hand some food like cookies or nuts to calm the stomach without having to eat something strong and difficult to digest. You can also choose to take advantage of one of the stops to set up a picnic and eat sandwiches or other non-heavy food to calm your appetite and not face a long digestion at the time of returning to the car.

Damián Montero

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