Self-knowledge: the adventure of self-discovery

To anyone of us, if they asked us, if we know each other, surely we would all answer yes, and we would easily make a description of our qualities, both positive and negative. But, do we also know each other because sometimes we find it hard to know what we want?

On many occasions our self-knowledge it is a superficial knowledge of our qualities, a mixture of what we really are, what others expect us to be, and what is socially expected to comply with what is established. Sometimes, it is necessary to look inside, do an exercise of introspection and undertake the adventure of self-discovery.

Self-knowledge of oneself

Knowing oneself is something apparently simple, but really very complicated. Self-knowledge consists in looking inside ourselves without fear, without prejudices, or preconceived beliefs and observing ourselves with the heart. Only in this way will we really get to know each other, only in this way will we be able to connect with our interior and conquer our adventure of self-discovery.

The result of self-knowledge is an adjusted self-concept. The adjusted self-concept is a very useful and effective resource to develop properly, to design our action plan based on our strengths and taking into account our weak points, and thus achieve our objectives.

The challenge of self-knowledge

Although it may seem simple, getting to know yourself is not always easy. Why is it hard for us to know ourselves?

1. The first obstacle to get to know us we put it ourselves, since to know itself supposes to assume the qualities, but also the defects. Sometimes it can be complicated, and even painful to accept what we do not like.

2. Look inside us In order to get to know us, it can mean meeting an image that is not what we want to give to others. With an image that socially does not always fit with the image that we would like to give or that others expect from us.

3. Knowing ourselves means listening to us and attend to our inner voice, that hidden in the depths of our being, and for this it is important to be silent and be prepared, leaving aside beliefs that limit us.

The adventure of self-discovery

To achieve self-concept we must undertake an adventure of self-discovery. At first it may be complicated and even painful, but in the long run we will be able to connect with our most intimate self, with our true essence, with who we really are.

1. We will start little by little. Dedicate every day a few minutes to introspection. You do not need much time, with only a few minutes at the beginning will be enough. It is about connecting with your interior, leaving thoughts and emotions aside for a few minutes and connecting with your present situation.

2. Each day we will spend a little longer. And especially in those moments when we need to connect with ourselves.

3. Put aside the fear of what they will say, and the fear of being wrong, also the fear of discovering you. And it starts with small exercises, such as the first thing that comes to your mind, almost without thinking, a color, an animal, a food, a feeling, etc.

4. Try writing a journal. It is not about writing what happens to you every day, but about writing what comes to your head, what comes out of your interior.

5. You can also draw or color, sin ways of letting thoughts free and letting go inside.

Celia Rodríguez Ruiz. Clinical health psychologist. Specialist in pedagogy and child and youth psychology. Director of Author of the collection Stimulate Reading and Writing Processes.

Video: A Journey to Self Discovery -- Lessons of the Labyrinth | Kristin Keyes | TEDxCoeurdalene

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