10 child safety measures in swimming pools

The bathing season begins and many swimming pools they open their doors accompanied by high temperatures. Avoiding accidents is one of the objectives of the VI Child Safety in the Pool Campaign, a new initiative that aims to warn about the dangers of certain behaviors in the pool and surroundings, as well as advise parents and caregivers to maximize the vigilance both outside and inside the water, especially of young children.

New legislation in Spain on swimming pools

Spain is one of the seven European countries that forces the fencing of community pools. Private pools in Spain, unlike Italy, Norway, Bulgaria or France, do not have this same obligation. "The entry into force of the Raffarin Act in France, in 2003, which imposed the obligation to include active security measures such as fences, decks or alarms in public and private pools has led to a decrease in deaths due to drowning of 75% " explains Fabrice Villa, director of the company Abrisud, specializing in pool covers in Europe and child safety for swimming pools.

Recommendations for parents and caregivers in the pool

This Child Safety in the Pool campaign also reminds parents that continuous supervision is the most effective measure. In cases where several children are in the pool, it is advisable to set up surveillance shifts to ensure that children are constantly supervised. A moment of neglect can be an accident, since only 20 cm of water or 2 minutes are enough for a child to suffer a drowning.

Another essential preventive measure is to detect the risks in advance, that the parents perform the same route that the child would have to do to go from home to the pool and thus ensure that in no case can it arrive alone.

10 keys to maximize the safety of children in the pool

To achieve a greater visual impact, the VI Child Safety in the Pool campaign includes an animated 3D video with recommendations for children to enjoy the pool safely. This campaign is completed with a decalogue that can be printed at home for parents to review these 10 child safety measures with the children at home:

This decalogue of child safety measures in swimming pools is aimed at children:

1. Never take a bath alone in the pool. Always warn an older person to be with you while you swim and play in the water.

2. It is very important that until you swim very well you always put your sleeves or inflatable vest before you take a dip.

3. Dúchate before getting into the pool and enter slowly. If you throw yourself at once you can hurt yourself and your gut will be very painful.

4. If you want to get in your head, get close to the edge of the pool And do not ever throw yourself from the shallow end because you can hit yourself in the head.

5. Be careful and do not run near the curbs or slides. They are very slippery and you can fall.

6. It is very important that you always pick up the toys before leaving the water. If your little friends jump to play with them, they may have an accident.

7. Whenever you are in the sun you have to bring cream and wet hair or a cap so you do not burn with the sun.

8. If you think that a child has been harmed or is in danger, look for an older person so I can help you.

9. Fences or pool covers are to prevent you from hurting yourself. Do not open them without your parents' permission.

10. Learn to swim like a fish in water! It is the best way to have fun, for sure.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

Video: Keeping Kids Safe Near Water

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