Moved children, who are not hyperactive!

The energetic children They are dynamic, but not constant. They have an improvised activity and, therefore, with the same ease with which they start an action, they leave it unfinished to start a new one. The key to overcoming inner tension lies in abandonment, surrendering to what is being done, putting all five senses and without thinking about other matters.

There are children who are very energetic, but be careful! they are not hyperactive, This attention deficit is now so fashionable, mainly because specialists and professionals have detected it. The NEnergetic children enjoy improvised action and overwhelming, although sometimes it does not have a clear and defined orientation in what it intends.

The activity of an energetic child is very different from that of a hyperactive child. The energetic child is like that by character, usually does not need medication (maybe from time to time, valerian). However, hyperactivity is classified as a disease, since it is a difficulty to fix attention. That is, energetic children do not stop by excess and hyperactive by default.

What we mean by energetic children

There are guys who have a great physical vitality, very passionate and you would say that they are quite "sentimental". These we call them energetic The activity is its true strength and, therefore, the predominant note of its character. They feel the need to act to act: they can not remain still, without doing something. Therefore, sometimes they lack relaxation. In the face of an obstacle, they put all their strength to overcome it: in that their joy is fulfilled.

- "Mom, relax is a roll, I always have to do something, eat without moving is a roll and sitting all the time studying, can not I do the homework?" These may be some of the comments of our energetic children. Truly, they find it difficult to remain still.

For thosedynamic, but not constant. They have an improvised activity and, therefore, with the same ease with which they start an action, they leave it unfinished to start a new one. His activity is frenetic, but not very orderly and without depth.

They express their emotion in the field of action; They vibrate intensely before everything they have to do. They are very adept at dragging others into the sphere of their activity and joy. In general they are enthusiastic and optimistic, and they are usually good conversationalists. They are not usually very methodical.

Qualities and shortcomings of energetic children

Energetic children are usually very workers, resistant, helpful and sociable, expansive, generous. They immediately forget the offenses. In general, they are cheerful, cordial and enthusiastic. They know how to become friendly: capable to persuade others. Determined And they have the facility to do things for others.

Taking into account this way of being, they can manifest impulsive, and sometimes violent; easily excitable. Authoritarian. Superficial, impatient. They may tend to be content with immediate results. For their taste to live intensely the action of the moment, they can easily lean to satisfy the senses, allowing themselves to be dragged by what they want at any moment. Their way of being can also lead them to be vain about what they "do".

The emotional tension generated by energetic children

It is easy for the energetic tendency of the character to generate a lot of emotional tension that the boys do not know how to dominate, causing states of irritability, stress, nightmares, etc.

All people generate, more or less, tension before extraordinary situations, important or unexpected. The problem is when this tension is not properly controlled and it is generated in ordinary and unimportant everyday situations.

There are a thousand details by which one can know if he is more or less prone to emotional tension: biting the nails or the fists of some clothes, bringing the fingers to the nose, tearing the scabs from the wounds, biting the handle of the pen, often dreaming about things that make him suffer, remaining restless at the red light , suffer a lot by watching a thriller or a sporting event, etc.

Tension originates in us when we are under the influence of a pressing need that we have not yet been able to satisfy. It is a natural reaction of our organism that predisposes us to action. This emotional state ordinarily does not have a great intensity, and in some people it is almost continuous. This situation, if we do not control it, becomes a corrosive element of our health.

Luis Manuel Martínez Domínguez. Counselor of Los Olmos School

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