Menorca as a family, a different destination

The island of Menorca, located north of the Balearic archipelago, is one of the most beautiful paradises in the western Mediterranean. Thanks to being protected by UNESCO since 1993 as a Biosphere Reserve, Menorca retains all its natural charm. Its beauty is due to the chromatic diversity offered by its landscape where the turquoise of its waters contrasts with the blue of the sky and the white sand of its beaches.

In many of them, you will not see a single building nearby, only the green of its forests and the brown of its rocks.

The beauty of Menorca, its coves

Along its 216 kilometers of coastline, Menorca has more than 70 beaches with beautiful coves. The south coast is full of fine white sand beaches, while in the north the rocky coast with reddish tones and wild cliffs abounds. Throughout this perimeter, the visitors dazzle their lighthouses and ports, which were born with seafaring tradition and which they still maintain, although they have adapted to tourism, since there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the silhouette of the island of Menorca from the sea.

Menorca, an ideal island for families

This landscape enthusiastically welcomes travelers and adapts to their needs. Families find here a tourism full of proposals and facilities to enjoy with children. Families can stay in establishments or apartments to enjoy a lively day at the beach and excursions. Hundredrooms has more than 3290 apartments in Menorca that can be sorted by rating and create an alert that alerts you when you meet your requirements.

During your stay in Menorca, the whole family will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of excursions: hiking, horseback riding, navigation, diving or snorkeling are some of the proposals that are opened before us when we arrive in Menorca.

The British culture in Menorca

However, Menorca not only seduces its landscape, thanks to its strategic positioning it has been coveted by many and diverse cultures of the Mediterranean, and on the island you will find remains of Arabs, Romans, English and French. Therefore, those interested in Cultural Menorca can enjoy routes as varied as Talayotic, British, gastronomic and many more.

One of the most exciting is the British route. The English style is present in numerous words of English origin incorporated into the Menorcan language, the still existing architectural styles, culinary dishes, children's games, dances, etc. In the buildings it is worth highlighting the "boinders" or gazebos and the typical "guillotine" windows ("bow window"), which still decorate many houses in Menorca. You can also visit the place of origin of the manufacture of Menorcan gin or "gin", made by the artisans of Mahón from the distillation of juniper berries and wine alcohol.

And in restaurants, do not forget to try the traditional "puddings" that became "greixera dolça", the beef leg broth, in "brou de xenc". The "grevi" meat juice and the "manteca english" enrich many Menorcan recipes, and the tasty "piquéis" are gherkins and capers in adobo.

Menorca, what you can not miss

The Festivities of Sant Joan that are celebrated from 21 to 25 June are the most popular in Menorca. Thanks to its quiet environment, this island is the most recommended to go with children, since also going from one place to another is easy because the routes are short. If you like virgin beaches, but want short trips to do with children do not miss Cala Mitjana in the south and Cavalleria beach in the north. If you prefer to go to an urbanized beach, we recommend Cala Galdana in the south and Arenal D'en Castell in the north.

From Cala Porter there is a quiet path or path through the Cami de Cavalls where you can find interesting tayolitic sites, funerary monuments of the primitive inhabitants of the island. In the interior, in Monte Toro, you can enjoy beautiful views from the highest mountain on the island. Ciutadella, Mahon and its fort, and the picturesque village of Binibeca are other places of interest that are worth visiting.

Marina Berrio


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