Guide for parents in pregnancy: everything a father should know about pregnancy

Pregnancy is a matter of two. The presence of the future dad during the gestation process of his baby is increasingly noticeable and it is very important that they are well informed. We know that expecting a baby can give rise to many doubts and questions and, sometimes, their passive attitude is because they do not know how to help their partners. For these cases, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has released this Guide for parents in pregnancy. Everything that the future dad should know about pregnancy and childbirth, before the arrival of his baby.

The role of the father in pregnancy

This guide begins by explaining that the father is going to have an important role during pregnancy and that his role as father begins long before delivery. In what way? This organization highlights the medically proven benefits that women whose partner has given their support, have fewer medical problems during pregnancy and have more positive thoughts about the physical changes that their body experiences.

In addition, remind parents that the pregnancy will bring about a change in the lifestyle of the home where day-to-day habits change. First of all, make sure that peace comes to the home, avoiding frights and watching over the woman's rest. Smoking parents should leave this habit in front of their partner and in any case it would be advisable to give up cigarettes during pregnancy given the amount of substances harmful to the pregnant woman they contain.

The chronology of pregnancy

The guide reminds parents that the pregnancy lasts approximately 40 days, that is, nine months. This period is divided into three-month periods in which there are different changes in the woman that the man a priori does not understand. The first thing to know is that the date given for delivery is approximate and is calculated based on the mother's last menstruation.

Normally the children are born two weeks before or after this date, so there is no need to worry if the delivery occurs on a date different from that given by the doctor who attends the woman during pregnancy. Around 18-20 weeks of gestation an ultrasound is performed that calculates the age of the fetus, this test allows the gynecologist to make a more accurate prediction about the day in which the baby will be born.

The role of the future dad in the trimesters of pregnancy

As already mentioned, pregnancy is divided into three quarters each with its own characteristics.

1. First quarter. The first three months of pregnancy that cover up to 14 weeks of gestation require greater rest on the part of the mother and at this time symptoms such as nausea and vomiting that occur throughout the day may appear, there is no time where appear more. It is important at this point to know that mood swings are going to be very common from now on and that emotional support for the couple will be fundamental.

2. Second quarter. It is in the second trimester of pregnancy is when the woman feels better during pregnancy. The body of the mother adapts to the gestation and the physical sensation improves and even the nausea can disappear. Parents should know that this is a good time to create bonds with their partner because these days they begin to feel the first movements of the child and heartbeat, sharing these moments between the two will strengthen the project that involves bringing a person to the world.

3. Third quarter. American gynecologists remember that the last trimester is the most complicated for women. They let parents know that it is after week 28 that the woman may feel more uncomfortable as the baby's body grows and the mother's body prepares for delivery. It is in this period when the nerves before the imminent birth reach their highest point, so it is important that the father is with his partner giving their support at all times.

Help from the future father during childbirth and postpartum

As week 38 and 40 approaches, delivery can happen at any time. Therefore, time before the preparation for this moment has had to begin. Parents can help their partners by going with them to the preparatory sessions for the birth, being interested in the center where the woman will give birth and knowing these facilities or preparing the house for the arrival of the child. Once the woman moves to the hospital, despite who is she who gives birth to the baby, dads can help their partner in different ways:

1. Distracting the pregnant woman during the first stage of labor. Watching a movie together or reading to a partner can be good decisions.

2. Walking with your partner. If the doctor who attends the delivery has not said otherwise, make small walks in the corridors of the hospital is highly recommended.

3. Helping to take time between contractions.

4. Giving massages. If you have notions of massage, perform one between contractions can help the woman to control their nerves.

5. Relaxing your partner remembering the relaxation techniques learned during the childbirth preparation sessions.

6. Supporting the pregnant woman in the delivery room. Unless the gynecologist says otherwise, the father can support the woman by accompanying her during the expulsion stage.

The postpartum period extends during the following six weeks to the delivery. During this time the woman's body undergoes drastic changes as she recovers from the stress and physical exhaustion of pregnancy. The father has to ensure that the home does not become a source of stress for his partner during this period of recovery, if the newcomer has siblings, the father should make them understand how life is going to change from now on.

Damián Montero

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