Daycare checks will benefit 31,000 families

The next course over 31,000 families can benefit from the daycare check, granted by the Ministry of Education. Today the term of 15 working days that is foreseen to apply for the granting of scholarships for schooling in private centers in the first cycle of Early Childhood Education for the year 2016-2017, known as "daycare check" opens.

The resolution, published in the Official Bulletin of the Community of Madrid (BOCM), establishes an investment of 34 million euros for these grants. The main novelty this year is that the call is extended to children born before November 1, 2016 and to those over 3 years of age who, due to special educational needs, must stay one more year in the first cycle of Early Childhood Education. In addition, for the first time, it will be easier to access aid for families with victims of gender violence.

Main changes in the daycare check request

1. Born until November 1st. Until now it was a prerequisite that the baby was born before June 1 to apply for the daycare check. But, starting this year, children not born at the time of submitting the application may have the help, as long as their parents provide a medical certificate stating the probable date of delivery.

2. Includes those over 3 years old with special needs. It is another of the main changes of this call. For the first time, it includes children over 3 years of age with special educational needs who must remain in school for one more year in the first cycle of Early Childhood Education, provided that it is accredited by the Early Assistance Team of the Ministry of Education.

3. Special attention to victims of gender violence. The condition of victim of gender violence will be taken into account. Thus, when calculating the per capita income, one more member in the family unit will be computed.

Aid of between 100 and 160 euros

To help family and work conciliation, the amounts of the scholarships, which will range between 100 or 160 euros per month depending on the income, will benefit especially the families in which both spouses work.

To facilitate the management of aid, the regional executive will deliver to parents a card that will be recharged monthly with the amount of the scholarship, so that they will only have to present it at the nursery school or to have the discount on the fee applied. .

Obtaining points to request the daycare check

1. Requirements for obtaining 7 points. Both parents must work full-time, or when there is only one parent and they work full-time or when one parent or guardian works full-time and the other has an impediment to care for their child.

2. Requirements for obtaining 5 points. In the case, that you work part time. It will also be scored at large families and to parents or children with disabilities and socio-family situations justified by Social Services.

According to a study published by the Eurostat agency, only ten countries, including Spain, currently meet the target set by the EU in 2002 to guarantee a daycare center or a childcare center for at least 33% of children from 0 to 3 years old.Currently, the Community of Madrid has 43,600 places supported by public funds.

This commitment of the regional government for early childhood education has led the Community of Madrid to lead the percentage of children enrolled in these ages, with a percentage close to 50 percent. Madrid is also the third region in Europe - second only to Denmark and the Netherlands - in schooling for 0-3 years.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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