Stop cyberbullying: 63% advise telling

Put a brake on cyberbullying It is the objective at present. To tackle this serious social problem among adolescents and young people, it is necessary to raise awareness about the problem and seek solutions from the bottom up. Telling an adult, blocking and reporting the user who is harassing, keeping all the evidence and being very careful with what is published are some of the advice that children themselves give those who are being victimized by Internet harassment.

This is what emerges from a study prepared by the Legalitas Foundation on the appreciation that young people have about bullying, where social networks are also taken into account as a new scenario of bullying in minors. This study has been developed from a writing contest where several students of 1st of ESO exposed their vision about cyberbullying.

Recommendations of the boys about cyberbullying

The first result offered by this Legalitas Foundation report is that all those who participated in its preparation know the problem and know how to identify it especially when it is produced in social networks: "Cyberbullying tends to occur normally among adolescents (*) Someone just does not like another person and starts harassing her. "The young people in this study also showed to be knowledgeable about cyberbullying techniques:" bullies act by doing different things: they send insults, teasing and swearing by messages, by WhatsApp ".

This study also asked young people what advice they would give to the victims of this cyberbullying. The recommendation that was most observed was that when a minor suffers this type of bullying, Tell it to an adult, at least that's what more than 60% of the participants believed. Something more 25% said that victims must file a complaint with the police. Participants in this report also advised passive actors in a case of bullying not to resubmit inappropriate images that have been posted on social networks by stalkers.

Measures before a case of cyberbullying

There are some, although few, who believe that the victim should make little or no case before these provocations. Almost 5% of the participants believe that "to foolish words, deaf ears", that it should not matter what is said of someone while having a good image of himself and that ignoring these provocations should be enough to avoid this harassment .

However, it seems that young people agree on the role that social network managers should have when a case of cyberbullying is detected. More than 50% of the participants in this report believe that there should be "give example "and not allow a stalker to reconnect to the social network through which he attacked his victim. Another measure related to social networks would be the creation of a moderator who, faced with the detection of a case of cyberbullying He will immediately expel the guilty party.

What responsibility does the harasser have?

As for the measures that would have to be taken against the stalkers, only 5% of the youth spoke of punishments against the perpetrators. The majority of students in this report would opt for measures aimed at avoiding it. But nevertheless, from the age of 14 the stalkers already have criminal responsibility so it is possible to file a criminal complaint. This means that the consequences for this person can be more serious than what is believed.

It is surprising that almost 7% of the participants in this study believed that it was a good option for the victim to change schools but that none of them claimed that the harasser should be reintegrated into a new school. "The safest and most comfortable thing is to change your school, institute, etc.", says one of the responses included in this report.

How to detect a case of harassment?

Sometimes children choose to keep quiet what they are suffering in school for fear of the possible reaction of the harasser or fear of social stigma. Therefore, sometimes parents are not aware of it until this harassment is already at a very advanced point. However, there are certain aspects that may indicate that a minor is victim of cyberbullying:

- A great sadness in the child.

- School absenteeism search of excuses to avoid school.

- Little relationship with the rest of classmates.

- Lower grades and school performance.

- Less participation in class.

- The minors try to leave the school alluding to false illnesses.

- The child avoids going out on the street.

- They spend too much time locked in their room and using the computer.

It is important to be alert if these characteristics are present in minors since it could indicate that we are facing a case of bullying. First of all the most important thing is to talk to the possible victim very seriously and make him understand that he is not guilty of anything.The next step will be to report this matter to the school or the relevant authority in case there has been some type of crime that is punishable.

Damián Montero

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