Decorating with balloons: ideas for parties and events


Whenever a special date, a birthday or some important celebration approaches, we thought days before in the decoration of the event. In any holiday, one of the most important things is the decoration of the celebration. Normally, we remember the garlands and serpentines to decorate, for example, a birthday.

But there is an alternative decoration, balloons, one of the oldest, economic, ecological, fun, colorful and visual party items that exist.

Helium balloons to decorate children's parties

Helium balloons are an inexpensive, fun and original way to decorate parties thanks to the wide variety of sizes, colors and shapes they offer. From the typical round helium balloons to the helium balloons with letters, numbers, children, for weddings, or for specific decorations such as Christmas.

If we introduce ourselves to the world of helium balloons, we will not only find varieties of different colors, among which are pastel, metallic or transparent, called "crystal". Also, we can find balloons of different shapes that are very fun and original, such as, for example, in the shape of a child, tree, animal ... and of different materials: foil or latex.

Helium balloons, made with natural materials

The vast majority of helium balloons are made with a completely natural material called latex. The latex is extracted from the wisdom of different vegetables and fungi, and through refining processes, it is possible to obtain the material that is needed for the manufacture of the balloons. This process of obtaining it turns it into a biodegradable material. Once spent 90 days after use, it will disintegrate without leaving any kind of residue in our environment, so that each balloon equals an oak leaf.

Foil balloons are balloons made with polyamide that can be found in nature, such as wool or silk, so it is also a natural and biodegradable material such as latex.

Decorate with balloons: valid for all types of events

Nowadays, balloons have evolved so much that we can find them in as many ways, materials and colors as we had never thought. So if you want to personalize your helium balloons, it is possible: select a logo, a brand or a dedication and you can print it on balloons.

Such is the evolution of these balloons that are increasingly used as advertising and marketing claims to attract the attention of potential consumers. The corporate events look for visual and attractive articles that manage to capture the attention of the attendees in order to get the message directly.

Therefore, we can see helium balloons of different sizes, among which are typical 25 centimeters in diameter to 90 centimeters. The latter are considered giant helium balloons and are the most used in this type of event where the brand or logo of the company or product is stamped.

Helium balloons, protagonists at parties

Helium balloons are increasingly seen at events such as weddings or communions, where decorations are common. In the Communions and weddings, the most usual is to decorate with a bow of helium balloons, where usually they are placed to frame the photo of the protagonists along with their guests. Specifically, at weddings is usually done the release of balloons in white with which the bride and groom want to symbolize the union of the couple forever.

In addition, the balloons are being introduced to the welcome reception of the new family member, with personalized balloons for this type of events that include dedications such as welcome, it is a boy or a girl, together with the typical bouquet of flowers that is usually give to the mother.

The party, known as Baby Shower or "Baby's party", It has its origin in the United States and has been introduced in our country, becoming little by little a tradition. This party symbolizes the imminent arrival of a newborn, and is usually organized by the mother or the family of the future mother. It has an eminently practical nature since it is usually celebrated to receive those gifts that are thought to make the closest ones to welcome the new member of the family.

For the decoration of the Baby Shower There are also helium balloons in different forms, with dedications included that make the decoration of the event of this celebration more original and fun.

In short, helium balloons are an ecological, economic, fun, visual and colorful article that always brings joy to any decoration of any event making the venue a unique place.

Marina Berrio
Advice: GlobesMix

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