Dad, mom ... do you play with me? 10 games to participate

Despite the enormous importance of activities such as reading during childhood, games and jokes are also fundamental for a child to grow up healthy and, above all, happy. The laughter and the moments of recreation, far from distracting, constitute a source of energy and vitality for the children of the house, who need the game to develop all their abilities and grow as people.

Dad, mom ... are you playing? 10 interesting games to participate

These leisure times also provide an unbeatable opportunity to spend unique moments with children, who will be delighted to see how their parents also play and have fun with them. Some ways to achieve it are the following:

1. The coolest cushions. A fun and simple way to bring an original touch to the children's room is to encourage them to make their own cushions, with no more material than bubble wrap and candy wrappers and old pieces of cloth. To begin, draw a rectangle of 30 x 60 centimeters on the plastic, bearing in mind that the resulting piece of plastic should be twice as wide as the size of the cushion you want. Invite the children to cut the plastic along the line that you have drawn and then fold the rectangle in half. With transparent adhesive tape, help them to close two of the sides and you will have already made a complete cushion cover. To finish, let the children fill the sleeve with the candy and candy wrappers, and all the soft and colored materials that you can think of. Once the cover is filled, fold the side that is open and close it with adhesive tape. Children will be proud of the fun cushion they have made themselves.

2. Challenging holidays. Of the parents it depends that the next family vacations remain in a few days of recreation and rest or that they become an exciting adventure that the children will never forget. One way to achieve this is to gather them a few days before the game and propose to them to think surprising, new or a little crazy things that they would like to do during the holidays, to make a list of challenges that will have to be achieved during these weeks. Visiting a place where a sign says "The best in the world", "The only one in the world", or "The biggest in the world" or try a new fruit and a new sweet can be some of these challenges. Surely the unlimited imagination of children will help everyone to think many more.

3. Eat having fun. Although the shortage of time may prevent you from stopping to cook a special dish every day, from time to time you can print a little fantasy and originality in the meals of the children, in order that these have fun while they feed . For example, you can turn hard boiled eggs into cute little mice that will delight children and ensure a healthy diet. For four children, only four hard-boiled eggs, 25 grams of grated cheese, 25 grams of soft cheese, eight radishes and sixteen raisins are needed. After peeling the eggs and splitting them in half, extract the yolks and mix them with the soft cheese and the grated until a fine paste is obtained. Fill egg whites and smooth the surface. Then, place them little down on the plate and, after making small incisions in the thinner end, introduce in them small slices of radish, which will make the ears. With two raisins in each egg the eyes of the mice will be obtained and with a piece of radish, the nose. To finish, the roots of the radishes will represent, placed on the other end of the egg, the tail of the rodents. The result will be very nice and the children will happily eat the egg mice.

4. The magic flute. Teach your children that nature, in addition to life and beauty, offers music. If your house is near the field, better than better, but if not, a park with lawn will be enough to reveal to your children the wonders of the magic flute. When you arrive, cut a blade of grass and, carefully, make a clean incision along it that does not reach the ends. Put your hands together, as if you were praying, and hold between the thumbs the blade of grass, making sure it is tense. Now, you just have to put your hands to your mouth and blow, so that a funny whistle comes out of the blade of grass, already converted into a magical flute for your children, that they themselves will want to play again and again.

5. Jumping on cushions. Surely your children love to jump on the bed, but you, logically, do not allow them to do it. However, you can surprise them by organizing a whole jump track, yes, completely safe for them and the furniture of the house.To achieve this, the first step is to clear an area of ​​the house of furniture and objects. Then stack all the pillows, cushions, quilts, sleeping bags and blankets that you can, and let the children, one by one, take runs and jump on the pile. Your children will have a great time and surely will remember this game as one of the coolest that their parents have prepared for them.

6. Art is fun. Perhaps many children do not jump out of joy if they are told they will be taken to visit a museum, but fun dads also know how to turn this cultural activity into a game, which will help them to know and appreciate art, at the same time They spend a very lively afternoon. To achieve this, you only have to go through the museum shop before starting the visit and acquire five or six postcards of the works of art that are exhibited in the building. When you start the tour of the museum, the children will have to locate the works that appear on their postcards and, every time they discover one, they will get excited. If they are old enough, they will also keep the name and the author of the work. Your visit to the museum will become a fun adventure, which will fill your children with personal satisfaction when they have found all the works of art.

7. Aquatic symphony. Take advantage of an afternoon that you are bored at home to surprise them with a game that will make them spend a lot of time and begin to feel a deep affection for music. It's about teaching them to play songs, provided they are more than five years old, with a very special instrument: a water xylophone. For this, you only need eight identical glass glasses, which you will fill from left to right with different amounts of water, so that the first on the left is completely full and the last, almost empty. Tune your ear a little, and make sure, by beating the glasses with a spoon, that the tones are well measured. Then, number them with labels from 1 to 8, and the xylophone will be ready to be played. Remember that your children have to collaborate in the development of the instrument, so it is advisable that, before starting, put a towel under the glasses and have a damp cloth handy. Some of the songs that your children can play are "I have a doll" (5 5 5 6 5 3, 1 3 5 6 5, 4 4 4 5 4 3, 2 3 4 2 1), "I have, I have, I have" (5 5 5 5 5 3, 6 6 6 6 6 4, 7 8 7 6 6 5, 5 6 5 4 4 3), "Night of Peace" (5 6 5 3, 5 6 5 3), "Mouse that the cat catches you "(5 8 5 6 5 4 5 3, 5 8 5 6 5 4 5) *

8. How naughty my parents were! If the children love to see again and again the pictures in which their parents were small, imagine if they knew all the pranks that you played as children. Select your most sympathetic anecdotes and tell them to your children, while you eat popcorn in the living room or take a walk. Of course, choose to narrate the most innocent stories, always reminding them that you assumed the consequences of your actions. And, although in the end you stayed a month without dessert, your children will like to know that one day their dad dedicated himself to hanging puppets on the back of all the neighbors of the neighborhood or that, one afternoon that the grandmother had left, her mother he tried to cook a chocolate cake, he left everything lost and, in the end, he only managed to prepare a strange colored mass that ended up as food for the cat.

9. Laughs in the car. The journeys by car can become an unbeatable opportunity to share games and laughs with your children. For this, nothing better than to resort to such classic games as the "I see", for which only the eyes, the voice and the desire to have fun are needed. To encourage your children and remind them of the "I see, what do you see?" Tune, it is recommended that one of the popes begin by choosing the object of divination, which must always be in sight and be a known term even for the little ones Precisely, the age of children will sometimes force the first syllable of the word to be revealed as a clue, instead of the first letter. They will have such a good time that, when you arrive at your destination, they will not want to get out of the car.

10. Who am I? Invite some friends of your children home and ask each one to choose a character that he likes or has fun, but warning him that they should not tell anyone whom they have chosen. Then, provide them with colored cards, paints, markers, glues and all the old clothes you find at home and ask them to make a costume to look as much as possible to the character they are going to imitate. When they have finished, sit them in a circle and, one by one, they rise up and imitate the character they have chosen. The others will have to guess who their friend is representing and, in the end, they will win the one they consider that they have done better and have been more original with their disguise. A lollipop to each one as a reward would not be bad to conclude this afternoon of laughter and fun.

Tips to play with your children

Laughter is healthy and necessary. The study and the requirement are fundamental in the education of a child, but also laughter and play are essential for a child to develop normally and live a happy childhood.

Playing is a way to learn. Children learn through active participation in the world around them, and playing and joking with them is one of the best ways to help them communicate with their environment and enrich themselves as people.

You were children, too. When you play with your children, never forget that you also had three, five, six years. And, above all, remember that there is nothing wrong in allowing innocence and curiosity for the world of your children to turn you back into children for a few hours.

Let them be wrong. Like everyone else, kids also have the right to make mistakes. When you play or do activities together, let them try, experiment and err. They themselves will learn from their mistakes and take pride in their achievements.

To have a good time with your children, you do not have to be the funniest and funniest person in the world or spend money. Not much less. It only takes a lot of imagination, a lot of love and a lot of desire to hear your children laugh. Think that, with a good story or a simple cardboard box, you can create a whole world for your children.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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