First Mother: 6 tips to adapt to your new life

What happens when the baby that comes on the road is the first? During pregnancy, we often hear that the arrival of the baby will change our lives and that is the way it is, but until we become mothers we do not feel this reality. Adapt to our new life with the baby as new mother, and our newly released family, is a wonderful process, although not without some difficulties.

With these simple tips any new mother will be able to quickly become with the new routine that the little one will incorporate from his first hours of life, facilitating the life of his newly released family.

6 adaptation tips for new mothers

The first-time mothers They go through a few months of insecurity, as they experience a series of very novel changes in their lives. Both your body and your emotional system are altered by the action of hormones and baby care. Sometimes, new mothers can be overwhelmed, exhausted by fatigue, experience many changes of mood ... For this reason, we reveal a series of tips that will help you enjoy your newly released maternity without stress.

1. Think positive. A positive attitude is essential to face the challenge of motherhood. Trust your instincts, inform yourself and have a series of clear ideas. This cocktail will give you the peace of mind you need to make things go better. That way you will feel stronger and more proud of your intentions and your effort.

2. Flee from pressures. It is normal for new mothers to hear many stories of the maternal experience of other women in their family or their friends ... which can lead to many myths. As a new mom you can turn a deaf ear to this type of influences, whenever you feel overwhelmed. However, it is always positive to be advised, since you learn many techniques and other ways of doing things, although you should not allow them to direct your way of educating or raising your baby.

If you have moments when you notice that you have some anxiety about these pressures, try to find a time for yourself, to breathe and disconnect. Sneak out and go to the car or bathroom, this time will help you focus again.

3. Let yourself be helped. If you see that the grandmothers are desiring to take the baby from your hands, they bring you packs of food or offer to make the purchase ... let yourself help. Otherwise, if you see that you do not reach everything, ask for help. Having an environment that helps you is very important at the beginning.

4. Learn to say no. This advice is valid for any situation, and it is always easier when it is said with assertiveness. Start the interesting stage of your child's education, and begin decisions as a couple. From the first days of life, the newborn needs to reinforce his emotional bond with his parents, who will lead the way. You, your parents, have the responsibility to set some guidelines to maintain in the future.

5. Establish a routine. Babies love routines because it makes them feel safe and predict the next step, for example, bath, dinner (take), sleep ... Marking patterns and routines since the newborn comes home will also be good for you because it facilitates the organization in the home.

6. Sleep and rest. Essential for both mother and baby. Take advantage of the sleeping hours of the baby to sleep you also during the day and at night. Keep in mind that the baby must get used to sleeping from the first day with the traditional sound of a home (washing machine, a conversation between parents or the barking of a dog). Common noises do not disturb the baby's sleep and help him to become familiar with his surroundings.

Marisol Nuevo Espín
Advice:Deanna Marie Mason, expert in health education and prevention in childhood

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