Public speaking: public speaking, a pending subject

Public speaking It is one of the great pending subjects in Spain. And it is that the oratory is absent in the school curriculum, despite the great benefits it has for our daily life and professional future.

To be a good speaker, it is necessary to be able to remove fears and learn two fundamental issues: on the one hand, the management of emotions and, on the other, to speak in public. In oratory classes, students learn to write and to present a speech, to make a humor monologue, to defend their ideas in a debate or to know what postures and gestures should be eliminated to be a good speaker.

The control of emotions on stage

The objective of public speaking classes is to lay the foundations of the child's expression before the public. At the same time, students gain social skills, exercise empathy, teamwork and learn to manage their emotions. All this through fun activities, group dynamics and interpretation exercises to enjoy learning.

For this, they will have specialized teachers in children and adolescents, dedicated to Emotional Intelligence and Oratory, who will show you the way to be the best person while learning social skills to speak in public.

Through playful activities, group dynamics and interpretation exercises, children can learn to manage their emotions and develop the ability to express themselves orally before the public.

Emotion management to learn to speak in public

Oratory works to control certain emotions to improve communication in public:

1. Assertiveness: everything can be said in this life, but it depends on how you say
2. Empathy: put yourself in the place of others
3. Active listening: pay attention and listen with the five senses
4. Self-esteem: love yourself
5. Tolerance: respect to others

Knowing how to manage the emotions that the human being carries as a series (fear, sadness, happiness, anger, disgust and surprise), are some of the topics that are also treated, important "subjects" to "grow" as people and, as indicated by the goal of emotional intelligence, be happier.

Marina Berrio
Advice: European School of Public Speaking

Video: Westheimer Property Aug 2011 HCC Board Meeting

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