Drawing contest How much time do you have for me? about the need to reconcile

Reconciliation is an issue that concerns many families. Spending time with the family is a prerequisite for forging bonds of union between parents and children, but the broad working hours, the need to take the work to each, the overload of tasks in the home ... give rise to a lack of weather.

As a consequence, children are the hardest hit because they need for their education and training that their parents spend time with them and it is increasingly difficult for parents to reconcile. Sometimes, children have to spend the afternoons without the company of their parents with whom they can not play or even tell them what they learned in school. This vision that minors have about conciliation is what the National Commission for the Rationalization of Timetables in Spain, ARHOE, is looking for in its contest "How much time do you have for me?"

The conciliation in a children's drawing contest

This contest that is already in its seventh edition seeks to know the image that the smallest of the conciliation have How to do it? Easy, through an activity as simple as drawing your vision of the time you spend with your parents. A work that seeks to raise awareness about the reconciliation through these works where they will show how children live that point of the day they spend with their parents and their mothers and that sometimes is not much.

As indicated by ARHOE in the bases of this contest, the objectives of this contest are the following:

- Raise awareness of the need to reconcile personal, family and work life

- Collect the feelings of families and schools from the perspective of children

- Know what activity or activities I would like to do the school with their parents if they returned home before what they normally do

- Defend the need for parents to leave before work and spend more time with your children

These objectives show that the intention of the contest is to increase the time that parents spend with their children. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the aspects that will be taken into account when judging the contestants is the degree of participation of parents. That is to say what role dads and moms will play in the activities that the student shapes in his drawings.

The participation period is open until May 31 and these applications must be sent by certified mail to the headquarters of ARHOE: C. Mayor Saiz de Baranda, 35.1º D. CP: 28009- Madrid. The winners will be able to win a batch of 20 Anaya Group books, another 20 copies of the SM Group and a tribute to Rafa Nadal as "Universal Spanish".

Advice for family and work conciliation

Contests such as the one proposed by ARHOE reminds us of the importance of reconciling family and work life. A work that companies do not put anything easy because as it showed a report of the foundation More Family, approximately 61% of the companies do not include a policy of conciliation. To try to remedy this problem from home we suggest some tips to try to improve conciliation from home:

- Rationalize schedules. Sometimes during the work unnecessary pauses are made. Dispense two hours of food and turn them into half an hour will allow us an earlier exit so this time we subtract lunch, we can dedicate to our children.

- Avoid unnecessary extra hours. On many occasions we remain more than we should in our work because we believe that it is mandatory to work more than what our contract says. Although this seeks to give the image of a good worker, most of the time you end up heating the seat. In this way, do without these dead hours can make this time come alive with our children

- Earliest start of the workday. Provided you have the approval of superiors, entering an hour before work will mean that the day will end an hour earlier. With this little early arrival home will be ahead so the time to spend with the smallest also extends one hour.

Damián Montero

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