10 romantic places to kiss your partner

The kiss is an expression of love, whose experience is joyful and pleasurable. Unlike kissing as a social formality, the kiss of love is an expression of feelings that needs intimacy. As every year, on April 13 we celebrate the International Kiss Day, a date that arose thanks to the longest kiss in history, which lasted 58 hours 35 minutes and 58 seconds.

If there is an act that reflects love, that is the kiss. Eskimo, on the cheek or on the forehead; There are many kinds of kisses and ways to kiss your partner. If what you want is to remind that special person how much you love him, nothing better than looking for a special place to give him a romantic kiss. Here we propose 10 romantic places to celebrate with your partner the Day of the Kiss.

10 romantic places to celebrate the International Kiss Day

1. Templo de Debod (Madrid)

In the center of Madrid we find this temple with more than 2200 years of history still enchanting couples today. Its fantastic views of the Royal Palace and its colors during the sunset make this location a perfect occasion to remind our couple how much they love him.

2. Jardines del Retiro (Madrid)

Perfect location that invites us to complete the tribute to World Kiss Day with a fantastic day of fun. A ride in one of the pedal cars that can be rented in the vicinity of the park or a quiet moment in a boat inside your pond can be the perfect background for a kiss that will be remembered over the years

3. Muelle Uno (Málaga)

A quiet walk by the sea, sit by the calm waters of the Mediterranean to enjoy a snack during the sunset, sharing confidences sitting on a jetty. All this offers the Muelle Uno de Málaga, a romantic location that invites us to enjoy an unforgettable kiss surrounded by the sounds of the sea.

4. Roman Bridge (Córdoba)

Possibly the most beautiful views of the city of Calipha during sunset are on the Roman bridge. The illuminated Mosque next to the imposing monument to San Rafael will capture the couples in a magical spell of romanticism.

5. Concha Beach (San Sebastián)

Playa de la Concha is on the banks of the Cantabrian Sea. This location offers us a promenade where we can relax with our partner while the boats are moored. A moment to enjoy this tranquility with that person who is esteemed so much.

6. Ezcaray (La Rioja) 

La Rioja invites us to visit this peaceful town. A fantastic option to explore its streets and enjoy the wines of this land with the loved one. The best choice to forget the noise of the big cities next to our partner.

7. Cathedral Square (Salamanca) 

Salamanca is an unforgettable visit to Castilian-Leonian lands. A very well preserved old town that invite you to walk through it to create unforgettable memories. One of the most beautiful locations in this city is the square next to the cathedral that offers beautiful views of this building at night. Sitting in one of the benches in this place can be a unique opportunity to give an unforgettable kiss.

8. Rivera del Pisuerga (Valladolid)

Within the capital of Castile and León is the river Pisuerga that offers a beautiful walk along its banks. Live the tranquility next to the waters of Pisuerga as it passes through the city of Pucelana and enjoy this atmosphere with your partner. You will not regret this choice.

9. Cabo Finisterre (Finisterre- Galicia)

Formerly it was thought that this was where the world ended. Now it can be the beginning of an eternal kiss, at least immortal in our memory. Enjoy with your loved one some stunning views of the Atlantic during its beautiful sunsets

10. Puerto de Mogán (Gran Canaria)

Known as little Venice, this marina offers couples the opportunity to immerse themselves in a small Italy. Its geographical situation ensures a pleasant temperature that rarely falls below 22 degrees. If your trip has the Canary Islands as a destination, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this place on the shores of the Atlantic.

Well, if this list has 10 romantic places throughout the national geography, you can not forget the most special to give yourself a kiss. You do not need a plane ticket or you need to take the car to get there. What is it? Of course, we mean ...

The home itself. It is true that traveling is a unique opportunity to give movie kisses in places that seem to be taken from fairy tales. But we can not forget the need to pay tribute to the International Day of Kiss in the most special place: home. Do not even have to wait for this date to make this gesture that, although small, will tell you a lot about how you feel about the other person.

Damián Montero

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