Bullying and new technologies, the most important thing to choose school

What parents value most when it comes to choose a school for their children, what kind of services are most useful to them, what aspects they think should be strengthened more ... and ultimatelyWhat would the ideal school be like? for them are some of the issues that the I Study of Preferences on Schools in Spain, made among more than 600 participants by Avanza in your Career and Infoempleo with Thisfamilywelove.

Specifically, the prevention of bullying and the inclusion of subjects related to the use of new technologies are the aspects that most concern parents when choosing a school, along with bilingualism, educational innovation and a good dining service. .

It is a very useful information for those families who are looking for a school for their children, and can complete with the analysis that has been made for the Guide of the Best Schools in Spain, which includes a selection of more than 226 schools and private. This year, for the first time, you can also consult through tablets with the Buscaculos App.

Prevent and control situations of bullying

If something parents value, above all, is that their children feel safe in the classroom. The growing cases of bullying or school bullying have raised the level of concern of families, who find it critical that schools have reliable protocols for action to avoid these situations. 97% of parents ask that the centers have some method of control compared to 3% that does not consider it relevant.

Important: inclusion of subjects such as programming or robotics

The new technologies reach today a greater role among the preferences of parents to choose school. 94% of parents want their children to study in a mixed environment, which integrates both paper books and technological tools. While 60% opt for a mostly interactive environment, with no paper books, and only 35% choose to keep a traditional environment with textbooks on paper.

In addition, 88.8% of respondents consider it important or very important to include subjects in the school curriculum for the acquisition of IT knowledge such as programming, robotics or cybersecurity, among others.

Study in a second, fundamental language

Families are concerned about bilingualism. According to the survey conducted, about 85% of parents prefer a center that is bilingual for their children, compared to 15% who do not consider it relevant for their teaching. Even 58% consider the possibility of sending their children to study for several years in another country. The most voted destinations are the United Kingdom (67%), the USA (45%), Germany (24%) and France (15%).

Educational innovation, new teaching techniques

Regarding study methods, parents no longer conform to traditional teaching methods, 88% seek centers that integrate educational innovation techniques (flipped clasroom, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, collaborative learning, gamification, etc.). .) that allow children to open their minds to new possibilities and enhance their knowledge in a highly technological environment and in constant transformation.

The services most valued by parents in schools

- School dining room with a healthy diet. The concern to follow a balanced diet has also reached schools. Among the extra services offered, the most valued and used by 70% of the parents surveyed is the dining room, and not only because of the lack of time to cook. Families look for schools that have their own kitchen, and appreciate that they offer healthy and balanced menus, as well as the possibility of making special diets for children suffering from intolerances or allergies.

- Work and academic guidance services. It seems that the future work of the children disturbs, and much, the families. Almost 65% of the parents surveyed declare their interest in having this help in the centers.

Other aspects valued in a special way by the parents are: to have extended hours, to be able to communicate directly and continuously with the centers through the Internet, to have health care in the school itself, to opt for school transport routes or that the school allow children to bring food from home (dining room service with a pan).

How do we choose the school for our children?

To the question of what type of sources consult to find that information, 81% of parents respond that they search especially on the Internet. Only 19% go to City Councils and other public entities. 78% of parents recognize that friends and family are their main source when making an opinion about a center.And 71% affirm that for them a physical visit to the centers is essential before making a decision.

78% of parents recognize that they would like to know more about the methodology followed by the center, while 40% believe that schools offer little data on prices and admission requirements. For a 23% it would be positive if the centers disclosed their services and facilities in more detail, in order to compare different possibilities.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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