Falls are the leading cause of hospitalization in children

Going down the stairs, crossing the road, riding on wheeled toys ... are some of the risks of a long list of dangers that can cause our children to fall. And is that according to the Spanish Association of Pediatrics AEPED warns, falls are the main cause of hospitalization in children under 19 years.

One of the dangers most children are exposed to are falls, the main cause of the injuries they receive. However, most of the times these injuries or blows do not receive all the attention they should because most falls have no consequences. But beware, falls can be much more serious than other injuries suffered by our children.

Falls, the main cause of hospitalization in children

And is that falls are a risk to take into account in the care of our children. This is what the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, AEPED, points out that the falls is the main cause of hospitalization in children under 19 years within the European Union, EU. And what is even more worrying, the falls are the third cause of death within this social group in the EU.

Types of falls according to the age of the children

The AEPED notes that among children under 19 years, the most likely to suffer these mishaps are the smallest, in addition to adolescent males. The type of fall varies according to age; well while it is more common than under two years rush from furniture or arms of their caregivers, in the sector of one to four years most often, fall from windows, stairs or play equipment like bicycles or walkers.

On the other hand, among teenagers, the most common is that they rush while performing a physical exercise or from heights such as roofs or walls. Therefore, we must take into account the scenarios where falls occur to put all possible effort into preventing them. This will prevent numerous injuries, such as fractures or bruises, unwanted.

Preventable falls

There are several elements in our homes that can cause the fall of the smallest of the house. However, if a series of practical advice is followed, it will be possible to prevent our children from falling victim to these dangers that often go unnoticed.

1. Walkers. There are several experts who advise against the use of walkers for our children. It is commonly thought that with a walker the child is safer, something that is not true since the speed at which the fall can occur is greater, increasing the risk of injury. If you opt for the purchase of one of these objects, you must see that it complies with European regulations and always have control over the child who uses it.

2. Stairs. One of the most dangerous scenarios in every home with more than one plant and more if the children are learning to walk. To prevent children from walking the stairs without our supervision, it is recommended to install protective barriers on the foot and at the top, very well screwed so that the weight of the child does not overcome them. Vertical barriers are also recommended instead of horizontal ones to prevent them from escalating.

3. Changers. The most advisable thing is not to lose sight of the baby at any time while on the changing table. To avoid falls you can change your child on a mat on the floor. A brief carelessness of the person attending the child may cause the child to rush from a bed or table in a changing table.

4. The high chair. On many occasions a fall from the high chair is caused by a poor grip. Therefore, it is recommended to always use the harness or belt that is placed between the legs of children to prevent movement. The best thing is to buy also a stable and heavy chair in its base to avoid small swings that can make fall the trona.

5. Windows. The most dangerous of all the falls and the one that can cause fatal damage most likely in our children is falling from a window or balcony. Whenever the child is in a high-chair type furniture, it is best to place it away from the window to prevent the child from reaching it by their own means. In addition, it is also advisable to install mechanisms that partially open the window and not in its entirety.

6. Bunk beds. It is totally inadvisable for children under six to sleep on top of the bunk. To avoid falls, placing a safety barrier in the upper bed will make a precipitation during sleep very difficult for children.

7. Furniture. An object of desire for young adventurers who see furniture as a summit to climb. Therefore, explain that these objects are not toys will be a good method to prevent falls.In addition, a good support to the wall will serve so that in case the children try to climb them the furniture will give way and overturn.

8. Supermarket trolleys. Sometimes a brief distraction when looking at a price or reaching an object can cause the child to fall to the ground. Taking advantage of chairs with seat belts that provide some supermarket trolleys may be the solution. However, the supermarket cart is to carry the purchase not to raise the children and this practice should be avoided in any case.

Damián Montero

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