Emotional video Father's day: the father who was lying to his daughter

They say that the work of a father never ends, and more when it comes to achieving the happiness of their children. No matter the size of the obstacles or the seriousness of the situation, the first task is always going to be that the little ones laugh and feel good.

This tender video full of positive emotions on Father's Day and pays homage to the sacrifice that all parents make for the welfare of their children. And is that parents are able to reach unsuspected limits to see that their offspring are in a comfortable environment. That is the best payment for all the sacrifices they make.

In some cases parents have to resort to lying so as not to include their children in the ups and downs that concern them. A conflict too hard for an adult, can become something of titanic dimensions for a child, so sometimes parents resort to hiding reality as long as their children can be happy. This is the case of the protagonist of this video, who in his sleep over his daughter, creates a fairy tale that has nothing to do with its harsh reality.

My dad is the best in the world

This video begins with a girl who proudly begins to recite an essay for her school in which she talks about her father, which she seems to be proud of. "My dad is the sweetest in the world", "My dad is the smartest in the world, the smartest". The little girl is full of praise for her father, who seems to be perfect, at least in the eyes of the protagonist of the video.

Generous, a super hero, a father who only wants his daughter to do well in school. In short, this girl believes that her dad is the best in the world and that nobody can have more luck in the world. However, this story hides a secret that changes the course of the plot to make us see that nothing is perfect and that life always has its bitter side.

The father's lie

The perfect father hides a secret: he lies to his daughter. The fairy tale in which he makes believe that he and his little girl lives does not exist and their reality is much more raw. The father lies on many topics to his daughter; he lies about his work, he lies about having money, he lies about his state of health, he lies about not being hungry, he lies about the purchasing power of the family.

And most important of all, he lies about his own happiness. In this moment of the video we are revealed that the reality in which the father lives does not exist and that his joviality in front of his daughter is only a lie that seeks not to include her in his personal problems. This is revealed by the protagonist who concludes: "he lies for me, I love you dad". It is then when we are revealed that the father has read his daughter's essay and realizes that she knows his reality.

As the father falls to his knees while he cries for this situation, his daughter runs to embrace him to comfort him. This is when the tables are turned, and all the paternal sacrifice is rewarded by the love of her daughter who forgives these "lies" and returns the favor by offering her the same love that she has received. The video concludes with a message: "Our children deserve every sacrifice", while the father is seen smiling again and carrying his daughter who also laughs, a happiness that both share despite the reality of the that dad "lied."

Damián Montero

Video: "My dad's story": Dream for My Child | MetLife

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