Tips for traveling by car as a family

Traveling by car with the family is still the majority option for several reasons, including the fact that the journey is done from door to door and we have a budget adjusted in advance. And is that moving with children on platforms and corridors often overwhelm many parents, who prefer to travel with children in the car.

However, before setting off and going on a trip with the children, it is best to tie all the ropes together and leave nothing to chance so that the trip is pleasant and does not become an adventure to forget.

Tips for traveling by car with children

1. Organize your luggage and equipment well. Going on a trip with children requires preparing everything you need, that is, having everything you need during your trip (games, food, drinks, change clothes ...) and, at the same time, making a effort to place all the luggage well to leave enough space for the children in the back seat and make sure that the luggage is properly placed so that nothing can fall.

2. Choose the shortest and safest route, and prepare the route. Roads and cars have changed a lot in the last decades. Choosing the safest and most direct route is essential to avoid losing minutes of travel. According to the study by Direct Insurance, 45% of parents say that the phrase most repeated by their children in the car is the mythical "how much is left", followed by "where are we going" (12%), "I get bored" (9) %), "what do we play" (7%) and "I get dizzy" (3%). And, sometimes, the best destinations to travel with children is to take long trips where the little ones feel uncomfortable in the car and the classic complaints come true. Choosing the best roads and highways, with few curves to avoid dizziness and planning the route to avoid laps and lost minutes will get the children do not get tired in the car. Choose the shortest route with the least traffic. This will save you tensions and unforeseen events.

3. Prepare ideas to entertain the children. According to a study conducted by Direct Insurance on Father's Day, a third of the children are entertained on those trips by car with music or singing, although 14% prefer to watch movies and series and another 8% prefer video games .

Although technology is more and more present in the lives of children, 14% still choose to play games of skill or involve other vehicles, such as the classic 'I see' or compare license plates, among others.

4. Make frequent stops. It is not advisable to drive more than two hours in a row with the children in the car. Stopping to stretch the legs, eat or drink something every two hours prevents the children from becoming irascible. According to the Direct Insurance study, driving with children changes driving habits, since 68% of Spaniards say they drive more safely when they travel with their children.

The memories of the parents' travel

When recalling their experience in the car when they were children, 27% of parents stressed that the best time they remember from their car trips with their family is related to the games they did during the journeys. However, for 24% the best memory is that of playing driver when the car was parked and for 13% the experience of being inside the car in the car wash.

Marina Berrio

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