How is a child with Down syndrome

In general, all Children with Down syndrome who have been properly stimulated are able to play and have fun experimenting with everything they have at their fingertips. For its proper development, it is very important that the closest people, parents and siblings, share activities with them to motivate them. In addition, like the rest of the children, experts from the Down Spain Foundation affirm that they go through different stages.

Stages in childhood of children with Down syndrome

0 - 2 YEARS

From the Down Spain Foundation it is stated that during this stage, children with Down syndrome learn to walk, talk, eat, go to the bathroom ... but achieving it costs them a little more than children without disabilities.

The support of the parents, together with a special stimulation at home and in the nursery will make these children with Down syndrome learn anything. For them, it is essential to repeat more things and for parents it is necessary to arm themselves with patience. Establishing routines and doing things always in the same way helps them a lot


From this age on, the child with Down syndrome who has been adequately stimulated is able to play alone and have fun, experiencing how things work within his reach, but it is convenient that you, your parents, as well as your siblings or friends , play and share activities with him, because it will be an inestimable time to strengthen ties and boost their development.

6 - 12 YEARS

Children with Down syndrome develop very quickly in the first years, but in the second childhood their evolution has a slower pace. Starting at age 6, they continue to gain strength and dexterity in their movements. Thanks to their psychomotor development, these children are increasingly autonomous. However, their ability to achieve the goals that are proposed is developed more slowly, so that their progress comes, albeit more slowly.


Adolescence is a complicated stage for everyone, which usually disrupts the coexistence in families. Like other children their age, teenagers with Down syndrome also have conflicts with their family and therefore prefer to be with their friends. They are years of physical changes, of personality, in which the first love can arise. Along with these changes arises the desire for independence, which often clashes with the overprotection of their parents, when it exists. These adolescents want to do the same things they see other young people their age and some parents do not know how to channel these impulses.

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