The family is the first option to ask for a favor

The family is a sure value that will always provide support in any situation that arises. Not only because of the amount of moments of joy that it offers us since our childhood, but because in numerous occasions they become the solution of numerous problems.

From asking for advice to a question that reconciles, to give us your care during a disease. It is clear that we will always find at least a willingness to help when we turn to them.

For this reason, it is not surprising that at certain moments we think of our relatives as first option when asking for a favor. This is revealed by a survey carried out by Center for Sociological Research, CIS, in its last February Barometer, which indicates that close relatives are the first option when asking for a favor for situations such as taking care of our children, watching over us during an illness or asking for support when feeling sad.

Grandmothers, first option to care for children

This CIS survey begins with a simple question: "Which person would you go to ...?" Several contexts are added to this question, such as taking care of minor children in the case of being absent from home. In particular, to this question the participants are clear, their first option to solve this issue would begrandmothers, at least so thinks 32.2% of respondents that they would choose their own mothers ahead of other options.

In second position the couple is placed, which was the most chosen option by 19.8% of the participants. In third position the brothers are placed, which was the response of 8.6% of those asked. On the other hand, the study of the CIS also reveals that the people in whom we would least trust the care of our children would be neighbors or co-workers, since only 0.1% of the participants would choose them.

Mom, to borrow money

The mothers they are again the first option when it comes to borrowing money, at least for 20.1% of the respondents. Very close is the father figure, who would be the person to turn to when facing an economic need for 17.3%. On the other hand, 14.8% of the participants would see the response to this situation in their partner and 10.7% would go to their children to apply for this loan.

Our partner, in case of illness and moral support

On the other hand, the Spanish have it clear when choosing who would be the ideal person to take care of them in case of falling ill. Something more than half of the participants would prefer their partner to ensure their health during this trancand. In this case, the mothers are placed in second position and it would be the answer to this situation for 21%. Only 5.9% of respondents would turn to their children for this situation.

If our orange half is the first option in the disease, it is not surprising that in the face of mental problems it is also the answer for most of the respondents. The study of the CIS indicates that Spaniards prefer their partner when it comes to talking about a problem, receiving encouragement when feeling sad or being depressed, at least 42% of the participants in this survey prefer it.

On this occasion, contrary to the previous assumptions, the second and third options would not be familiar. A friendship would be the next person to turn to for Spaniards for 10.6% of the participants. A friend would be the best answer for 19.3% if you ask who to turn to for help in finding a new job.

70% have emotionally supported a family member or friend

This survey also includes the occasions in which the participants have been the answer of these assumptions when someone has come to them to find the answer. In fact, 70.2% of the participants admitted having emotionally supported a relative, a neighbor or a friend and 33.1% said they had informed about job offers when they were asked for help in the job search.

In the rest of the assumptions of this study, 34.3% of the participants answered affirmatively when asked if they had cared to have taken care of a person during an illness in the last six months. On the other hand, 33.3% of the respondents said they had babysat for a family member, friend or neighbor when he or she used them.

Damián Montero

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