5 video games to enjoy with the family

Dads and moms will agree that the most beautiful thing about having a child is spending time with him. Numerous activities are presented to us as a family, from going out for a walk to a play. It is clear that spending the hours gathered is something very pleasant and that makes the bonds between parents and their children, filling the mind of everyone with endless family memories.

Nowadays, more activities have appeared that join the wide range that already exists. The new technologies offer spaces that dads and mothers can share with their children. This is the case of videogames, as many of these products are a format that invites families to participate in a challenge either to compete against each other or to conquer a goal in which all must participate to win it.

What do video games teach children?

Many mistakenly believe that the world of video games is a violent universe that makes the lesser introverted beings who prefer this virtual space to the real one. However, there are numerous titles on the consoles that have benefits for children because they encourage the creativity of our children and also present a scenario where the little ones can play together with their friends and even with their friends.

In addition, several video games will teach minors as important as the responsibility to learn to manage a family nucleus as is the case of "The Sims". Other titles such as "Minecraft" will encourage the creativity of our children by offering them a world to build from scratch and where children have the opportunity to create a reality that as the only limit will have their imagination.

Five video games to enjoy with the family

1. Minecraft. A simple video game that nevertheless offers numerous possibilities to who plays it. This title offers players the possibility to immerse themselves in a universe in which the user must build it, from a house to a complete city they can be built. Of course, this video game also poses the challenge of collecting all the raw materials necessary to survive, from wood to build a home to food to feed the avatar of the player.

2. The Sims. This video game is already in its fourth edition. This time the players will face the challenge of life itself because in this title the mission is simple: keep a home. Once the avatar is created in the image and likeness of the player, it will be necessary to look for a house, get a job, relate to other characters and meet the needs of every human being. A good option to teach our children to be responsible and have fun watching a virtual version of our own family.

3. Wii Sports. This title breaks with the image of sedentary player that many people will have in their mind. A wide range of possibilities opens up in this videogame where families can compete with each other in various ways. From a tennis match, to a bowling match or a golf tournament. Choose the sport that you like most in the family and enjoy together in a fun competition to discover who is the champion of the house.

4. Sing Star. We all have an artist inside and we always like to take it out. With this title we can enjoy a moment in family sharing songs of all times. A funny competition in this virtual karaoke that will make more than one laugh to see the artistic gifts of his family. From Disney songs to the greatest hits of the 80s, the show has no end!

5. The book of spells. 'You must see it to believe it' reads the motto of this video game where magic is the protagonist. With this title our children will feel like Merlin himself and will be learning the many spells of this video game. Discover together who is the best magician in the family in this video game that will make fantasy take over the living room.

Damián Montero

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