The publication of Facebook that excites new mothers

Being a mother is not an easy task, especially if it is the first time that a mother faces the challenge of having a child. There are many doubts that assault new mothers not only during pregnancy but once it has given birth: is it better to breastfeed or not? Is it convenient to have the little one in your arms all day? Is it well wrapped? It is inevitable that mothers are overwhelmed with so much question and even more when there is a huge range of opinions to answer.

The poster on the board of a pediatric office

All these questions were answered in a very original way in a list displayed on the board of a pediatric consultation. "The best is not the breast, the best is not the bottle either" Thus began this series of affirmations that quickly caught the attention of a mother who wanted to share this list on Facebook where she has managed to thrill many women with these words.

The poster appeared on the Facebook profile of "Mothers Primerizas", the publication of this account explained the story of a mother who found this list in her pediatrician's office and wanted to share it so that others would feel the same. In just a few days this post it was shared more than 10,000 times and brought together many comments from fathers and mothers where several were in total agreement with these statements.

The author of the publication

In particular, one of the responses to this publication was that of an account called 'Una mamá práctica', which turned out to be the author of this list. After this profile of Facebook, there is Jaoine, mother of two children and author of the blog 'Beyond the Pink or Blue', a place where she shares her experience as a mother on topics ranging from decoration to destinations for the rest of women. travel.

Jaoine made this list in the wake of a debate that shook social networks at the end of 2015 where it was about whether it was better to give a bottle or breast. This discussion arose as a result of an Instagram publication of Canadian model Coco Rocha who showed in a photo that she was feeding her baby formula milk instead of breastfeeding.

The criticism of this image was not long in coming and the model had to cut these comments shortly and explain that after five months of breastfeeding she had no choice but to resort to the bottle since the milk did not rise. Coco Rocha's response did not matter and the controversy continued on social networks where criticism continued to arrive. In this way, a debate was created in which not a few fathers and mothers participated.

Jaoine's response on Facebook

The author of 'Beyond the Pink or Blue' did not want to remain silent and reacted to this debate by publishing on her blog the famous list that has excited so many mothers. A series of affirmations in which Jaoine wanted to answer the mothers' doubts and let them know that they should take it easy to enjoy their motherhood. A list that a pediatrician wanted to share in his consultation to remind his patients that the most important thing for their children is their mothers.

And this publication ends up encouraging mothers to breathe because in the opinion of the author the best of motherhood is the mother herself: "Do you know what really is best? YOU 'RE THE BEST. The best is what makes you feel better. The best is what your instinct tells you is better. The best thing is what helps you to be well too, "says Jaoine at the end of his famous Facebook post.

Damián Montero

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