Father's Day: 10 original crafts to give as a gift

March 19 is approaching, the Father's day. An occasion in which the smallest of the house appreciate the dedication of the father figure and in which often the biggest headache is what to give. Ties, perfumes or belts are the most typical gifts on this date.

However, with a little imagination our children can print all that affection in a present made by themselves and that will surely reach the heart of their parents.

10 original crafts to give Father's Day

1. A fun card.What better way for our children to show their love than words? And if they are also written on an original card? This video will explain how to make a funny postcard:

2. A puzzle with a picture of our son and his father.What better way to test parents than to have them solve a puzzle? What if the result of this puzzle is a cute picture with your child? How to do it? This video will explain it:

3. A trophy for the best father.One thing is clear, for each child his father is the best. Why not let him know with an award that rewards his work? Find out how to make a trophy that recognizes parental work:

4. A portfolio.An almost indispensable instrument for every father is a good portfolio that helps to organize the different cards and where also take the photos of the family. This video shows how to make a wallet with totally recycled products:

5. A frame for photos. A photo can make us remember how special a moment was for us. Why not give this image in an original and handmade frame? We can also take advantage of materials available in every home to do so:

6. A pencil holder.Why not give an object that accompanies the parents to the workplace? Our children can create with simple materials a fun pencil case that parents can take to the office:

7. A keychain.Coloring the parents' keys can be a good decision. A fun keychain will make wherever they go parents remember with a smile to their children when looking at this nice manual:

8. A bracelet.With patience and few materials, our children will be able to make a beautiful and simple bracelet that dads can wear in any situation:

9. A shirt.A fun idea to give on Father's Day can be a shirt decorated by the little ones in the house. In this way parents can wear a beautiful press that will be as unique as they are for their children:

10. A bookmark.Our children can help their parents not to get lost in reading with this gift as simple as useful. With few materials and a lot of imagination we can make a fun and original bookmark:

Damián Montero

Video: Just for Dad Gift Hacks I LIFE HACKS FOR KIDS

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