The 10 best baby food thermoses

One of the greatest pleasures of fatherhood is spending time with your children and more if you are away from home. But a family outing requires several preparations: choose your destination, decide the activities and especially what the youngest of the house will eat. The food thermoses are a good answer to this problem as they will allow you to bring homemade dishes or baby food to the destinations of these trips.

Why a thermos of food for your baby?

It is true that a priori it may seem that a thermos of food may seem an unnecessary expense given the great investment that paternity involves: cradle, clothes, bibs and a long list of essential products that take a good part of the salary. However, a thermos of solids will help control what the little ones eat outside the home, since sometimes restaurants may not offer an advisable menu or that our children like.

In addition, a thermos for meals can also be a saving as long as the food of the smallest comes from home, which will save a menu in restaurants. With this system it will be possible to eat homemade and hot food, with the peace of mind of knowing the ingredients of the menu that the smallest of the house will eat during their excursions.

10 food thermoses that will make your life easier

In the variety is the taste, for that reason the parents and the mothers have a wide catalog of thermos of food that will adapt to the needs of each case. Here we will show you the 10 best according to the opinion of Amazon users in relation quality-price

1.- Miniland Food Thermo Steel

Stainless steel and with a capacity of 600 milliliters that will maintain the temperature of the meals for 12 hours. Its neoprene cover will allow you to take it anywhere. Its price is less than 20 euros.

2.- Esbit Stainless

Of black color and with capacity for 500 milliliters. It consists of three parts: a container to place the food and two lids, one to ensure the temperature of the producer and another to ensure the closure of the thermos. It's worth 20'50 euros.

3.- Orbegozo TRSL 380

For less than 11 euros we can buy this thermos with a capacity of 350 milliliters. This product can also be used for liquids and makes it easy to transport thanks to its measurements: 14 centimeters high and 8 centimeters in diameter

4.- Ibili 753903

This small and practical thermos is worth less than 11 euros. With measures of 11 centimeters high and 9 in diameter, this product is perfect for small trips or to take the snack of the little ones to the park.

5.- Reer 90430

Less than 15 euros costs this ideal product for travel since its wide mouth makes it possible to give food from the same thermos. In addition its 15 centimeters high makes it fits perfectly and without bulking too much in our luggage

6.- Thermo Solid Green Proterm Valira

Its measures make this product a good option for families with more than one child. For less than 20 euros we can buy this thermos of 145 centimeters high

7.- Pioneer 929066

With a capacity for half a liter and 13 centimeters high, this stainless steel thermos, worth less than 20 euros, maintains the temperature for 12 hours.

8.- Jané - Food heater (010490C01)

With an airtight screw closure, this thermos maintains the temperature of the food for a long period. In addition, your cover will not only help to preserve the conditions of your content, but also make your transfer more bearable. Its price is less than 30 euros.

9.- Laken M234199

Its three measures make this product perfect to offer a complete menu on trips. Worth less than 35 euros and its double wall ensure insulation that will keep the food hot at least eight hours.

10.- Thermos Stainless King Food

With a beautiful design this thermos with capacity for 470 milliliters this product maintains the heat for nine hours. It is worth less than 30 euros and its lid can be used as a bowl to serve food.

Damián Montero

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