Peugeot Traveler: a new family dimension

The new design of the Peugeot Traveler, which will be presented at the world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016, exhibits strength and elegance. The Traveler aims to revolutionize the segment of multi-purpose vehicles and VIP transport, thanks to its many qualities.

Qualities of the new Peugeot Traveler

1. Your new chassis. It derives from the EMP2 modular platform, which is a guarantee of a high level of quality and efficiency and a record consumption in the segment.

2. Your BlueHDi Euro6 engines. They are equipped with the most effective anti-pollution technology on the market with SCR and FAP. These technologies, used since 2013, combine driving pleasure and performance with up to 180 HP and 400 Nm with the best consumption and CO2 emissions in the segment. The range has an average consumption of 5.4 l / 100 km and 140 g / km.

3. On board, 9 seats. The Peugeot Traveler is synonymous with comfort, thanks to a dynamic behavior worthy of Peugeot and a high-end environment and comfort. Multiple configurations with up to 9 seats and numerous equipment, some unprecedented in the segment, make the Peugeot Traveler a vehicle to live and enjoy on a day-to-day basis.

Peugeot Traveler and business trips

The launch of the new Peugeot Traveler reflects the objective of the brand to apply its dynamic strategy to all segments. With the Peugeot Traveler i-Lab, the brand presents its vision of what future business trips will be like. Connectivity revolutionizes the services offered to this type of clients until a new and intuitive experience is achieved.

Based on the EMP2 platform, this VIP 3.0 shuttle presents an optimal balance between exterior volume and interior habitability.

- For passengers, journeys become a source of inspiration conducive to work. The four individual seats are located around a giant touch screen 32 ", capacitive type and supported by an arc. Equipped with a WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth *, induction charging bases and virtual reality helmet, is prepared for any type of use.

- For the driver, the technological equipment of the Peugeot Tabellar i-Lab guarantee the satisfaction of its customers. The displacements are carried out in total safety, thanks to the devices for reading the traffic signals and controlling the lack of attention of the driver.

The new generation of connected Peugeot 3D navigation informs the driver in real time and in a contextualized way. In this way, it optimizes the routes according to the traffic and the passengers' schedule.

Video: Owner Review Part 1: Peugeot Traveller Allure 2017

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