Tips to enjoy Carnival without risks

The Carnival party It is very fun, but at the same time can be dangerous for children when handling makeup paints, glitter, objects that can damage them and contact with some clothes that may be allergic. For this reason, the Spanish Association of Pediatrics AEP offers us a series of tips so that costumes, makeup and accessories attrezzo do not pose a risk to children.

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP), through its initiative "Join the Supersana Troop, discover your powers", recalls some preventive measures to prevent injuries or accidents among children with the arrival of Carnival. Specifically, the coordinator of the Committee for Safety and Prevention of Unintentional Injuries in Children (CSPLNII) of the AEP, Dr. Santiago Mintegi, said that "to prevent redness, allergic reactions or small skin wounds, especially in those Children with sensitive skin, it is advisable to wash all the clothes of the costume before using them for the first time ".

Main risks of Carnival for children

1. Rash and redness, the most common injuries among children in Carnival. They are produced by direct contact with some materials of the costumes. The recommendation is to wash them before putting them on.

2. Wounds on the skin. Accessories such as wands or swords should be made of soft materials and rounded tips to avoid injury to children.

3. Burns. Experts remember that children should not manipulate rockets or firecrackers.

Eruptions, rashes and redness with the arrival of Carnival

They are produced by fabrics, masks and facial makeup, mainly:

1. Fabrics "Some fabrics of disguises can cause eruptions when they are in contact with the child's skin," says Dr. Santiago Mintegui. For this reason, he recommends "wearing undershirts, tights or tights under disguise clothing, which will help not only to avoid reactions, but also to keep the child more protected from the cold of the street".

2. Masks. They are very used elements during the days of carnivals and the face is a particularly sensitive area in children. Before choosing a mask Dr. Mintegi advises to check "on the one hand, that the child breathes without difficulty and, on the other, that it does not hinder their field of vision and allows them to see without problems everything that happens around them. The child can not see well, can trip or suffer an accident, it must also be taken into account that at carnivals, color, costumes and noise can easily disorient children ".

3. Facial makeup. Pediatricians remember that it is necessary to use specially designed face paints, such as hypoallergenic paints or water-based paints, which help to prevent allergic reactions or skin irritations. "It is advisable to apply a layer of moisturizer both before makeup, and after removing it by washing the face with soap and water, in this way we will keep the skin hydrated and protected," clarifies the doctor. For children with especially sensitive skin, it is recommended to do a small paint test on the wrist before applying makeup to help detect possible reactions.

Childhood accidents on the occasion of Carnival

During the festivities of Carnival, skin injuries and burns are common due to the misuse of costume accessories and pyrotechnic games.

1. Accessories of the disguise. TOSome, like wands or swords, should be made of soft materials with rounded tips so that they can not cause injuries.

2. The pyrotechnic games. Firecrackers are a risk for children. The use of firecrackers and rockets is very common in parties such as carnivals. The noise and color are very striking, so from the AEP is warned that "extreme caution must be used when handling pyrotechnic elements around children to avoid burns and accidents." Regarding its use, pediatricians insist that any type of pyrotechnic element must be handled by adults. Dr. Mintegi is blunt in this regard: "from the Committee we firmly believe that children should not manipulate rockets or firecrackers under any circumstances to be potentially dangerous elements that can cause burns, wounds or hearing damage of varying degrees."

They also emphasize that basic safety standards must always be met, such as avoiding their throwing indoors or in closed spaces, or checking that the elements that make up the disguise are made of non-flammable materials. "Always keep common sense and find a way to avoid potential dangers is the best way to enjoy parties such as carnivals in all its glory," concludes Dr. Mintegi.

Marisol Nuevo Espín
More information. Check the AEP website Supersana Troop Carnivals. Fun without risks.

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