Increase in toy sales in Spain

Many times, fashion movies also become the trend in a wide range of sectors, especially the 'merchandasing', with toys as the maximum exponent. This has happened in Spain, where the movie Star Wars has driven the sale of toys almost six percent during 2015.

According to the data registered by the market research company NPD Group, this has been the strongest growth registered in the last eight years. In fact, since 2007 the sector had recorded setbacks or slight increases.

For the general director of NPD Group of Spain, Fernando Pérez, this year 2015 has made it possible to state that the toy market "has recovered the levels of turnover before the crisis." In his opinion, "the data are highly positive, since the increase in sales is not only due to the success of a particular factor, but we can say that the recovery of the market is general and it seems that the crisis is falling behind".

Star Wars toys

At the top of the licenses and the best-selling products was the last film in the Star Wars saga: 'The awakening of force'. Only in December did its sales soar and the license reached a market share of 5.3 percent, higher than the 4.3 percent registered on average in the total year.

Other franchises that have boosted the toy market this year along with that of Star Wars are also totally related to the cinema: Frozen, the Minions, The Avengers or Minecraft. These are joined by brands such as Lego, Canine Patrol, Pin and Pon, Hot Wheels or Vtech Baby.

Tablets and computers for children

In general, all the segments that make up the toy market in Spain have grown in sales during 2015. Only one has fallen: that of electronic toys. This area, which includes tablets and computers for children, has registered a fall of 17 percent, something quite significant.

The explanation to this is given by Pérez: "The traditional toy continues to resist and its sale has not been greatly affected by the introduction of new technologies, which experienced a boom for some years." We can affirm that Spanish consumers have bet in 2015 for the classic toy.

On the opposite side is the one with the highest growth, which this year has been the same as in 2014: that of construction, with an increase of more than 26 percent. Specifically, it has recorded an increase in sales of more than 15 million euros.

Seasonality of the toy market

The toy market is a very seasonal economic area: it is concentrated mainly in the last weeks of the year, which coincides with Christmas. In this regard, he emphasizes that, despite the numerous promotions, many consumers continue to wait until the last moment to make their purchases.

Specifically, the week of Kings, with only two days of sale before day 6, has accounted for 6.2 percent of total sales in 2015, also, the last two weeks of the year (from day 28 of December) registered 16.2% of the entire year.

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